How to Configure Folder Actions in OS X to Notify Me When a File is Added?

Apple has a variety of advantages over its competitors, many of which even its own most savvy users are not fully aware of. That is why it is today’s appointment, so that you learn new things by answering the question How to configure folder actions in OS X to notify me when a file is added?

If you have been puzzled by what you read, it is because you really need help to be able to fully squeeze the juice out of your computer. But don’t worry, after you read everything that is below, there will be no doubt in your mind, and you will also be able to do things that you thought were impossible.

What is the use of setting an action on a folder?

Before you can get the answer to the question How to configure folder actions in OS X to notify me when a file is added? you have to first know what these actions work for.

What they do is automate a job through Apple scripts. Such work can be anything, such as informing you of an event that is happening in the folder, or giving you a shortcut to do something in it much faster.

Literally thanks to the scripts used the possibilities of doing something are almost endless, because everything you can place in code language will run (this is so so you can even make YouTube load the videos faster).

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If you have no idea of how to create script You should not worry, nor is it necessary to automate any task, since there are many that you can find and use that have already been created by others (even by the same company).

The only thing you need to have to carry out this task is a computer with a Mac OS X operating system and a desire to learn. However, remember that the more tips you look for on the internet, the better and easier the experience will be when creating an automated task, because not only will you be able to configure notifications, but you will get to the point of doing more complex things such as filtering spam from Yahoo! Besides.

Configure folder actions in OS X to notify me when a file is added

Now that you know the above, you can start with the process that will help you solve the mystery of the unknown How to configure folder actions in OS X to notify me when a file is added?

The first step for that is to right click on the folder you want to configure. This has to be one where new files are constantly entering automatically like the one from Dropbox (this program is the most recommended, because it is very easy to download, install and use Dropbox Cloud Based Storage on Mac)

Once you have done it, select the option “Configure folder action” that will appear in the drop-down menu, if it does not appear automatically, click on the button “Plus”To find it below, because maybe you have too many things configured.

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Step number two

The second step you must take will depend on the Mac OS X version that you have installed (it is recommended to update the software to the latest version), since if you have a new version you will get the scripts that you can use at once (so you can go directly to step three), but if not, it will The only thing you’ll see is the “Action Settings” window.

If the latter is your case then select the + sign at the bottom of the list on the left. This will allow you to add a folder to the action list, do so, and then hit the buttonTo open”In the dialog box that appears.

Step number three

With the above, you will be in the list of scripts that Apple has, now you must search and choose the add – new item alert.scpt‘, because it is the one that will help you receive alerts. When you have done it, click on the button “To attach”, And then make sure that the box that is named “Enable folder actions” is marked with a check mark.

Finally, close the window and voila, from that moment every time a new item enters this folder, a message will immediately jump on the screen warning you. So you can finally say that you found the answer to How to configure folder actions in OS X to notify me when a file is added?

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