How to Configure Gmail as Windows Desktop Mail Client?

Emails have become a tool of great necessity for people today. So much so that they are in constant development and evolution, in order to satisfy any type of needs that may arise from their users.

The amount of things we can do with our emails is incredible, both Gmail and Hotmail have many additional tools, such as calendars that optimize the planning and scheduling of activities of its users, improves interaction between people and among many other things.

There is no doubt that the mail service Gmail offers an excellent service, in terms of tools and functionalities. Nowadays it is possible to synchronize it, in order to execute or perform a great variety of tasks. You can sync Google Chrome bookmarks between computers and mobiles

What is an email?

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An email is a platform whose main objective is the emission of information or data via Internet. Within these messages you can also attach different types of files such as images, photographs, videos, music, office automation documents and among other things.

What’s more, create a personal email It is super simple, since the platform asks basic user data such as their names, country of residence, sex and date of birth. So each person can access them, and in this way avoid complicating the reception of sent messages.

Is it difficult to send emails to my acquaintances or relatives?

In basic terms, anyone with experience using a computer you can send an email very easily. Since the process is really super simple, what we must do is access the inbox and look for the option to “compose a new message”.

In all of the platforms the location and form of this option varies, but it is not that they are hidden, we just have to pay attention. After finding and selecting it, we add the recipient (person who will receive the mail), add the message and attached files (if any), and press send.

What are the best email platforms?

There is a great variety of email providers, which is represented by a practically incalculable number, even more and more platforms with this type continue to be developed. Although in this case we will mention two that really make a difference, Gmail and Outlook.

Gmail email logo

The first case is Outlook, originally called “Hotmail” and for many users the first platform with which they had an email. And the second is the very famous Gmail, which has certain features that make it a little better than Outlook, in addition, it has a more pleasant interface. There is the option to add and configure my Gmail account in Outlook

What is the desktop mail client option?

Some people use emails with incredible regularity. Therefore, these users sometimes get annoyed with the late process of accessing the mail page, and for this the desktop mail client option was created.

This tool it’s basically a little extension that arises from different configured options. With which we can access different types of tools provided by email, with the particularity that it is not necessary to open it in a browser.

How to configure Gmail as a Windows desktop mail client?

In Gmail accounts, there is no option that allows you to do this with a single command, so we will have to Create a shortcut on the desktop (very important to do), allow Gmail to manage mailto links, activate offline support (also a high priority), set up multiple accounts,

Modify filters and labels, and lastly and very importantly, enable page notifications, since this is the ultimate tool to keep an eye on the emails we receive. When we make all the aforementioned changes, we will be desktop mail clients.

With this method we can perform many actions in a much faster way, among which are reading messages, sending responses, managing important matters and among many others. Therefore, if you are a very active person in Gmail, this configuration will surely work for you.

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