How to Configure iCloud File Storage on iPhone or iPad? (Example)

Configure storage iCloud It is a very easy procedure to carry out, as it is a very particular tool, whose basic plan unfortunately has a low space offer, in relation to the internal capacity of the device.

From the moment you decide to purchase one of the Apple products, you create a record in its system, which also creates a space for you within the cloud.

When you enter this tool for the first time, the OS will be in charge of assigning it (automatically) to your iPhone or iPad 5 GB of storage. This is done with the purpose that said space is managed for save critical files, documents and backups.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the amount that was allocated, iCloud also allows you to configure the service it offers at your convenience.

Find out the available space before setting up iCloud storage!

For avoid making wrong decisions Related to the default system settings, we recommend that you make a comparison between the amount of data you want to store and the space you keep available.

Only in this way will you be able to establish the degree of need you request from iCloud and find the most appropriate option, as this will satisfy it.

available space before setting up iCloud storage

Within the “Settings” of the Apple device you are using, whether it is iPhone or iPad, you can enter your identification profile to access information from the cloud.

On the computer screen you will be able to see the storage that is available within itself, and the way in which the services and applications allowed use the tool.

Learn how to configure iCloud storage via device!

Although Apple is a restricted operating system in terms of interface modifications, with iCloud has made an exception.

With this we mean that the company has provided multiple solutions to increase space capacity, also managing the one you already have, in order to reduce the expense generated by the services enabled.

Buy a storage modification

Yes it’s correct. The Apple company has allowed its users to make a pay rate set to acquire a specified amount of space.

Either to increase or reduce the available storage of your cloud, this OS allows you to subscribe to a monthly payment plan to enjoy this benefit.

Free up space in the cloud

If you do not have the means of payment to execute the previous configuration, you can always manage the way in which the applications and services are protected in the cloud.

Setting up iCloud storage is necessary, because once the Available space, the content stored there will present problems to be executed correctly.

Free up the space

Therefore, if you want to solve or avoid this type of inconvenience, you can perform the following methods:

  • A very successful idea is modify the way the backup is managed inside your iPhone or iPad.
    • Since the most important data on the device is usually stored, sometimes there is a tendency to choose content with a lot of weight.
    • To do so, within the iCloud section, touch the option “Manage storage” and access “Backups”. There you will be able to choose which data you want to back up and which ones to exclude from the following, and then press “Confirm”.
  • Reduce the space occupied by multimedia content It can also be very helpful, as it is generally the content that is most in demand.
  • Check the date and importance some files will help you discard the data you no longer need.

With these simple steps, you will be able to configure the storage of iCloud to partially or fully recover the necessary space capacity for your new content.

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