How to Configure Messages with Automatic Responses in WhatsApp Business

In 2004 Facebook, managed to buy WhatsApp; application that today has millions of users who use this platform daily. Its business version has even more advantages; since when we are busy, we can configure messages with automatic replies in WhatsApp Business.

The original version already offered us many advantages, even sending mass messages through WhatsApp for free. But in the year 2017 courier unveiled from WhatsApp Business; to promote communication between customers, companies and their suppliers; in addition to controlling spam.

WhatsApp keeps you connected all the time, with your family, friends and acquaintances anywhere in the world and on various types of devices; since you can even use WhatsApp with a landline number. But there are times, when we find ourselves busy and we can’t answer the messages.

Then it was thought to resolve the situation, with an automated replyFor this, it is necessary to prepare this service, which must be carried out with extra help, especially in the case of Android devices; for iOS, you activate it through WhatsApp Business.

What should we do to install WhatsApp Business?

As already mentioned, WhatsApp released the WhatsApp Business version, to be used by companies, regardless of their size and to be able to connect when the need requires it; this app, works for free.

download and install whatsapp business

To install it, the first thing you should do is download it from Google Play for Android systems or from the Apple Store for iOS. Then you will have to create a WhatsApp Business account for a company and for that you must Affiliate the telephone number of the company and your name; When you finish appending the data, the application will be available.

What are the main features of WhatsApp Business?

Offers various featuresFor example, it gives welcome messages the first time they contact us, as well as, it gives you automatic responses that are quick, such as a goodbye; in addition, statistical data of the conversations or messages.

Another characteristic is that, you can make a count of your company, as well as, elaborate a directory of the products that you are commercializing; also, it facilitates future payments and perform the absence messages, so necessary in moments that we cannot attend.

Setting up messages with automatic replies in WhatsApp Bussines

The original pattern of WhatsApp, does not have automatic responses that we would love to have, in those moments in which we are very busy; However, this is no longer a problem as there are other alternatives or extra applications that can help you.

For example, for the cases of the operating systems of Android we have the Autoresponder for Wa, this application is done for free and what it does is, analyze the messages, of course with the prior permission of the user and when it detects WhatsApp, it will send the response automatically.

autoresponder for wa application screens

It should be taken into account that this free model only allows send messages with short answersHowever, it also has a Pro version, which is paid; covering more functions, such as the schedule in which these responses should be made.

So, the you must do is configure these responsesIn “Notification settings”, then you activate the corresponding “Reply message” window, where you must write what you want to be sent.

Now for the iOS system, it is done through the “Absence messages” of WhatsApp BusinessThen you go to the “Company Settings” window and then click on “Absence messages”; write the message, and choose the time to send the message.

In the Google Play and Apple Store stores you will get several alternatives to answer the messages automatically; You can even create a free WhatsApp chatbot that provides automatic responses. It’s all a matter of searching and investigating about the topic.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the absence messages may not be as perfect as the automatic replies, but is the best alternative that WhatsApp Business has to solve the problem of answering messages in circumstances not suitable for the moment.

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