How to Configure Mobile Data on my Apple Watch – Quick and Easy (Example)

The Apple Watch is more than a watch, as it offers you many alternatives such as making calls, sending messages, recording voice notes and more. But to configure the mobile data of your Apple Watch, you must have a cellular connection, to use these options, even if you are away from your iPhone.

For that reason, we will provide you with some suggestions and information that will be useful to you to set up mobile data on Apple Watch.

Forecasts before setting your Apple Watch to mobile data

Before I even start configure mobile data of your Apple Watch, you have to take into account the following points:

  • Verify that your Apple Watch and iPhone software are the latest.
  • Find out if your operator has recent updates.
  • Make sure your operator is compatible with your mobile data service plan.
  • Make sure that the Apple Watch and the iPhone have the same operator.
  • When you go to configure, verify that both computers are connected at the same time to the operator.
  • If you have a business phone plan, find out if they support this feature.
  • Old and prepaid accounts are currently not accepted.
  • Contact your operator to see if your account meets the requirements.

Configure the mobile data of your Apple Watch

When you configure the mobile data of your Apple Watch, you can even read and reply to WhatsApp messages, following these steps:

  • Activate mobile data when configure for the first time your Apple Watch.
  • When you are programming it, select mobile data settings and follow the steps indicated.

configure watch mobile data

Another option that Apple Watch gives you is, set up mobile data later, following the following steps that we will indicate:

  • Search your iPhone for the Apple Watch app.
  • Select the option “My watch” and then “Mobile data.”
  • Press “Data settings” and follow the steps according to the operator you have.

Configure the mobile data of your family member’s Apple Watch

An excellent option is to configure the mobile data of the Apple Watch of a relative who does not have an iPhone, with yours. If the operator you are affiliated with allows you add the use of an Apple Watch, you can attach the watch to the plan while you schedule them.

If you want to verify the number that was assigned to your family member’s Apple Watch, you just have to go to clock settings, and select “Telephone”. Of course, something important that you should keep in mind is that the option of managing a relative’s Apple Watch is allowed in some countries.

As we have been analyzing, our Apple Watch is used for more than, to keep track of daily activity, we can also configure it with mobile data.

Connect your Apple Watch to a mobile network

After setting up the mobile data to your Apple Watch, it automatically will search for wireless connections minimum consumption, such as:

  1. Connection to a Wifi network.
  2. Mobile Network.
  3. IPhone connection.

When the watch is connected to a mobile network, it automatically will use LTE networks, which facilitate device communication. If you want to check the signal strength of your Apple Watch, you can go to the control center, on the main screen, “Watch exploration”. Select the bottom of the screen until you open the “Control Center” and swipe up with your finger.

iphone and watch connection

You can make the most of your mobile connection, including Wi-Fi, to watch YouTube videos, and get the most out of your Apple Watch. Also, when you notice that the mobile data button on your clock turns green, you know that online accounts.

Information about the mobile connection of your Apple Watch

When you see the mobile data button turn white, it means that your data plan is active. But of course, in that case the watch has to be connected either by Wifi or bluetooth to your iPhone.

You can take advantage of these opportunities, to investigate functions and what you can achieve with your Apple Watch, as long as you have a Wi-Fi or iPhone connection.

This is all for today, we hope you configure the mobile data of your Apple Watch correctly and get the most out of it.

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