How to Configure OBS Studio to Record My PC Screen in FULL HD

We’ll see now how to configure OBS Studio to record my PC screen in Full HD. It is quite easy to use OBS and the best of all is that it is a totally free program without any kind of limitation.

There are many youtubers or streamers who use OBS, not only for the simple fact of being free. If not because it is the best on the market today.

OBS Studio or Open Broadcaster is a recording software and 100% free video transmission. It is one of the most used by both novices and professionals and the key lies in the number of options it has, presented in a fairly simple and quick way to configure.

configure obs

In addition, it is an extremely light program that you can use on any computer and will consume very few resources, getting you to play without problems and get a stable 60 FPS recording perfectly.

How to configure OBS Studio to record in Full HD

Let’s see everything we need to know to record OBS Studio in Full HD. The first thing we will do is go to “Settings” from the button that we find in the lower right part of the screen.

A window opens where we will have to click on “Video” from the left sidebar. Here we can choose screen resolution. In case you don’t know your screen resolution. You will simply have to go to Windows Settings> System> Display and here you can find the values ​​that you will have to adjust in Canvas and Scaled.

Now we are going to go to the “Output” tab where we are going to make other quite important configurations. In “Output mode” we are going to leave “Simple”. We go down a bit and in “Recording path” we must specify where we want the videos that we are going to record to be saved.

As to “Recording quality” We can configure “Large file size, indistinguishable quality” this is the best configuration for most PCs, since we will obtain a high quality video file, but with a reduced weight.

In “Recording format” we recommend that it always be MP4. In this way, if you want to edit the video with a video editor, you will not have problems. In addition, we save a lot of storage space while maintaining excellent quality.

Now in “Encoder” what we should do is select “Hardware (NVENC)” in case we have a good video card. If not, then select “Software (x264)”. Once you are done, you will simply have to click on the “Apply” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to record my PC screen in Full HD with OBS

Once we have everything configured, we have to go to the “Sources” and click on the “+” sign below. A contextual menu and select “Screenshot”. In the same way you can configure to record games, add images, text, etc. All from the section “Sources”. Here you can also customize the screen with the background recording.

record obs full hd

As for the mixer, as you may be imagining, you will be able to control everything that has to do with audio, whether from a desktop or from a microphone. Once we finish configuring everything, we will simply have to click on “Start recording”Button below right.

In case the screen appears black and does not take anything we do in Windows. It is best to close OBS Studio and reopen it, but as an administrator. In this way you will not have any more problems recording and you can capture my entire PC screen in Full HD without any kind of problem.

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