How to Configure OBS Studio to Stream on Twitch Very Easy! (Example)

Surely you are one of the many who only went to the live games and entertainment page called Twitch, looking only for fun. But now you are one more member of the extensive communities that make life on this platform.

And you are looking for a way to stream in the best way for your audience. Well, nothing get ready that in the next article we will show you how to set up OBS Studio to stream on Twitch Very easy!

But for this to be the case, you must know how to do it and in this guide we will not endeavor to teach you the simple steps you must follow. Although Twitch always stands out, it gives other similar platforms that present live multimedia content. Perhaps because you can interact in real time with another user, while earning bits and monetizing streams.

It is important that you have downloaded and installed before OBS Studio, because it is from there that the configuration will be carried out. Don’t worry, we will explain the steps you should follow in this article.

How to set up OBS Studio to stream on Twitch Very easy!

Once we have completed the installation process of OBS Studio on our PC, we will start the application. The next step is to enter the settings by clicking the button. A window with different options will be displayed on our left. Among those that we can see are General, Broadcast, Output, Audio, Video, Advanced Shortcuts, each with a respective icon.

configure obs streaming

In our case and to begin the configuration we are going to select the Emission option, now here we can proceed in two ways. If we choose automatic it is possible that the session starts from OBS at the service of Twitch. To do this, we must click on the Connect account button (recommended) and then we are going to enter the data for the connection.

Steps to configure OBS Studio to stream on Twitch

And in this way OBS and Twitch will be synchronized, now we can use the other way that is manual but we must indicate the transmission key. Its name indicates it, it is a necessary key to be able to synchronize Twitch with the OBS transmission program for this, we are going to click on the button Get Transmission Key.

Now you can see on the screen that a new window appears, in the event that you have not logged in, you will be prompted to do so. The settings page for the selected service will now be displayed. This is where we are going to find the transmission key we need. Now we just have to click on the Copy button.

Once you have finished with the desynchronization process you must click on the Apply option and they have already synchronized successfully Twitch with OBS. Now you just have to make some adjustments that have to do with the resolution and bitrate. This of course has to do with the internet plan and the equipment we are using.

This is very necessary to do since in this way we configure the quality that the streams will have so that the permanence of our followers is total during the broadcasts. This also attracts new followers and they will help you to grow your community.

obs studio configure

In the case of set a bitrate that corresponds to transmit on Twitch, 2000- 2500 MB per 2MB = 2000KB upload is recommended, this of course for normal internet connections. Currently streamers upload the quality up to 7200MB. These are important technical aspects to keep in mind.

And as you can see, making this type of configuration may sound very complicated but in practice it is not and on the contrary it is very simple to do.

The important thing is that you have at hand the instructions that you must follow so that you do not have problems. And in this way we have concluded this tutorial that I teach you how to set up OBS Studio to stream on Twitch Very easy!

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