How to Configure PayPal to Show a Different Business Name on my Account (Example)

One of the largest service providers in terms of monetary transactions on the internet, is the PayPal company, which offers its hundreds of online users the possibility of having different types of account and even without the need to have a card. credit, to be used around the world.

With this in mind, another benefit of these accounts is the fact that they have the ability to send and receive money from other users around the world.

As well as how it is possible to have a personal account, the platform allows users the possibility of to benefit through a business account, which is specifically designed for this group of people, who want to receive money in this way and are justified by a business either virtual or physical.

With this in mind, it is important that you know that once you start receiving payments from your clients, regardless of whether they are through a credit card or, failing that, through their personal accounts. PayPal, they will be able to view your name within the transaction they make.

In the same way, this will remain in your records, and monthly billings, so it is important that you have a professional name within your profile. For this reason, within this tutorial, we will teach you the correct way with which you can configure your PayPal account, so that it can display your business name.

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Set up your PayPal account

  1. To start you must access your PayPal business account and proceed to enter your “Profile“which you will find inside the tab”My account“.
  2. Once inside said tab, you must proceed to enter the “More options” tab that you will see in the drop-down menu that will appear below.
  3. You will see that a series of options will appear, among which you must proceed to scroll right to the section that says “Business Information”, and then proceed to press the link of “To update” that you will see in the final part just to the right of that row.
  4. Once inside this option, you must proceed to enter the option “Change name” that you will see next to the name “Business contact“.
  5. Click on the button “Change business name (the business name you want to place) “and then click on” Continue “
  6. Here you must proceed to enter the new commercial name you want for your profile right in the field that is blank, and then proceed to press the “Continue” button.

In this way, you will see your new name appear immediately within your PayPal profile and it will also be updated within the contact list of your contacts.

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My PayPal account and bank account have different names, is this a problem?

It is important that each user knows that registration within this platform is serious, so it is important that both the name that is registered and the one in their bank account, both must be the same.

This is because every time you are making a transfer or operation within the platform, the PayPal platform includes the name with which your account is registered in the billing. Bank information.

For those PayPal customers, who have a business account, what is to be done is a automatic verification in which the name of the company is included, which must also include the name of the company that matches the information that has been added to the account.

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