How to Configure the Cell Phone to Make It 4G and Have a Better Connection

Have a good internet connection It is a really important aspect, since it can help us navigate safely and quickly wherever we are. As this generation is so good and recommended for our cell phones, we wondered how to configure my cell phone to convert to 4G and have a better connection?

For this reason, here we will explain whether or not the convert a cell phone to 4G and what factors depends on whether this is possible. We will also explain a little about how you can have a better connection when using 4G and LTE.

What is the 4G connection on my cell phone for?

The most modern version of the mobile network is 4G, marked a difference in terms of speed, with its predecessor 3G, and although 3G and 4G share many technologies. The latter took a giant leap in terms of uploading and downloading content, so loading times became minimal to how they were previously.

What defines whether or not a device can connect to the 4G network is mainly your antenna and how much frequency it can support, Since newer technologies are higher frequency, antennas must adapt to this.

In addition, 4G is gradually becoming the standard when it comes to browsing the internet with your Smartphone, due to the fast loading, It is very useful for those who are dedicated to making content, and want everything to upload instantly.

cell phone convert it 4g better connection

However, activating this mode on our cell phone can have its disadvantages, since on the one hand, being faster, our data will be spent in less time, and we will have to purchase a more expensive plan. In turn, more battery power will be consumed, something similar to what happens when you switch from 2G to 3G.

In conclusion, uA 4G connection on your cell phone will allow you to navigate faster and more efficiently. In general, 4G connections on mobiles it is used to view content via streaming since the speed of the connection will allow a great performance on the phone.

What is the way to activate the 4G connection on Android?

One of the ways in which you can configure your terminal to convert it to 4G is through the configuration of the device itself. However, there are other ways to find out if your device is compatible. If so, just you must go to the mobile network settings, and in network mode, check the one that has the option to connect to this network frequency.

In case this option does not appear, you can try Elixir, an app that is downloaded completely free on the Play Store, with which you can access some extra settings of your device. To install it, just open the store, search for it and tap on install. Having it on our screen we must open it.

In the first section we will have an icon for the system information, then a menu will appear and we must open the one that says information. Something related to mobile networks should come out when you slide the screen down a bit.

fourth generation connection

Here we must open a small menu To visualize which networks we can select, generally in this menu we will have much more freedom than in the previously mentioned one. If for some reason you do not get anything related to 4G, then your device does not support it in any way.

However, eThere is the possibility that your phone has a 4G connection, but you are not enjoying it because it is disabled. To activate the 4G connection on a cell phone you can do it through two methods: from the general settings of the device or from an application.

Next we will explain how to activate the 4G connection from the two aforementioned methods.

Adjusting settings

To activate the 4G connection of a phone from the settings, all you have to do is enter the mobile network options, which by default will be found in the configurations. Once you are on the mobile networks, the 4G network option will appear, you select and activate it so that you can use it without any problem.

With an app

If you enter the Google Play Store you will find many applications that will help you activate a 4G connection. However, the application that we recommend to activate the 4G network ‘4G network mode only’ application that is available in the Google Play Store and that when you install it and enter it through IMEI shows you the connections that you can activate, among them is the 4G that you must activate.

How to know if my cell phone is compatible with the 4G network

If you want to find out if a cell phone is compatible with the 4G network, the steps to follow are very simple. The first thing you should do is enter the phone settings and then look for the option to ‘Phone networks’ Once you are in the phone networks, the network options will appear. If the 4G option appears, it means that the cell phone is compatible with the 4G network, otherwise it is only compatible with the 3G network.

4G was born to improve the quality of mobile services that had to date, so your internet browsing, currently can exceed 40mb per second, being almost triple compared to 3G. In addition to this, LTE technology has been implemented, which serves as a complement dedicated solely to internet browsing.

4g network with better cellular connection

For this reason it is a more than favorable option for everything that has to do with internet browsing and data download. It should be noted that it will also depend on your terminal, the maximum speed it can reach, since there are models that receive 4G better than others.

Another factor in which 4G technology can help us is to view live content, which needs a stable connection, normally WIFI is used for this type of thing, but 4G is so fast that you can enjoy these services without being connected to WIFI.

In short, uThe 4G network will allow fast and efficient browsing. Generally, most phones have a 3G connection for ensure optimal and stable navigationThis means that, consequently, browsing with a 4G connection will mean a fairly high performance on the equipment.

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