How to Configure the Google Chrome Browser Print Page

Google Chrome has a printing service for its users through Cloud Print in order to make things easier for everyone, so you only need to connect the printer to the web.

In this way you can print without having to be present, by being connected the printer to the web It is a great help. Nowadays it is very common to print a document, therefore the need to have a printer at hand is felt.

So you can print school or work papers whenever you want. Do you know you can print online and remotely? With the Google Cloud Print application you can do it.

Print Google

With Google Cloud Print you can save time, it is faster, since it does not work with inks, it allows customization and the best thing is that you can print from anywhere you are.

For this reason it is necessary to know the steps to be able to set print page In the browser, first you have to turn on the printer and the computer, and you also have to open a new tab in the Google browser.

Additionally, when Chrome is open, you can go to the upper right part of the window and click on the three points that are displayed, which means “plus”. Clicking opens a menu in which to locate “setting” also this option opens another window in which you have to search “Advanced configuration”. This option can be viewed in the left menu.

When you select it, some options are displayed and you have to choose “to print”, also a new window is displayed where in the first option which is “print” you will find “Google Cloud Print”. So when you click, other options appear where you have to select “manage devices in” Google Cloud Print.

Google settings print

It should also be noted that you can log in with your Google account or if you already have an account open on your computer there will be no problem.

So being located in that section is when you can choose and select the printer you want to configure and connect.

Once you have selected it you can select “add printers” in this way it will be configured and from that moment you can start using this tool without problems.

Printing with Google Cloud Print is very easy

At the same time, it should be noted that by having the configuration you will be able to print the jobs from wherever you are without any inconvenience.

So it should be mentioned that to achieve this you have to enter the Google Chrome browser updated to the latest version, search the Google Cloud Print page in the browser and select the first option that appears.

Therefore, having everything perfectly configured, you have to choose Gmail account and then enter the password. Also, if you already have the email open on your device or computer, it will skip this step and it will automatically take you to the print option.

Then you have to click on “print”, this option is in the left menu, when you click, two options appear but the one of interest is “upload file to print”. Once the step is done, a new window opens, with the option to “select a file from my computer”.

In this way you can easily choose the desired file and the printer option will be displayed. Then, when you have the file and the printer, you have to click on “print”. It’s that easy and simple you will have your jobs at hand at all times.

In short, having the printing page that it offers Google Chrome to its users is essential and easy to use, you will not have to worry about having files backlog because you do not have time to dedicate to printing them, with Google Cloud Print you can print from wherever you are.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you. Have you been able to configure the print page of the Google Chrome browser? Do you know of another that allows this action to be carried out? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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