How to Configure the Privacy of the Windows 10 Operating System?

In today’s post, we want to explain to you step by step, how to start with the administration and visualization of all the data that you have sent through Microsoft through Windows 10.

This is one of the new possibilities, which have been added to achieve the configuration of everything regarding the privacy of your Windows 10 system within the update of April 18, 2018. This update has the fulfillment of all the demands dictated by the European GDPR.

Thanks to this new configuration, you will have the possibility to adapt the data you send in a much faster and more accessible way. In the same way, this system has a similarity to the way you log into the operating system.

In this way, you will have the possibility to decide whether or not you want to send your writing data or if, on the contrary, you want Windows 10 to expose you various types of advertising with respect to the applications that they themselves get to promote.

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Configuring the data that is sent to Microsoft

In order to get started with this, the first thing you should do is go into Windows Settings. When you are inside, you must click on the option Privacy, since this is where everything that has to do with the new menus that we are going to use is implemented.

Within this option, click on the option “Comments and diagnoses” which you will find in the left column. Within this section, you will see a column on the right side, in which you will be given the opportunity to choose between the Basic configuration or the one also called Complete.

You must choose either of these two, depending on the data you want to give to the company. With the basic option, the information sent to the company will be solely and exclusively the basic data that is on your computer.

On the contrary, the Complete option will send Microsoft all the data of the basic basic option, but also all that is related to the applications, Web pages to which you access and also information about your use of the computer.

If you continue down this section, you will find more options. As for example the activation or deactivation of data sending handwritten input.

In this same list you will have the options of personalized experiences in which when activated, Windows It will teach you different types of recommendations regarding your applications that have not been installed.

However, it is important that you know that this is not a tool that you should use to organize your data, since it is only limited to showing you all those reports that you usually send, as they are sent to Microsoft.

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Configuring the general section of your privacy

After having completed the previous steps, you have the possibility to access the General section. Which within the configuration aspects of system privacy Windows.

Here we can permanently change different aspects of the information that is sent to Microsoft. With it, likewise, you will be able to track those applications, which are launched to the operating system or within the searches carried out within the search engine.

Here you will see two options, which are used to share the information with third parties and also a identifier, which serves to guide your tastes or advertising, in this way you can receive what you want and not random information.

All the data that we have mentioned in this post is linked to the Microsoft company, you can also monitor the access routes by entering the web Activity history. On this website, you can clearly view the data that Microsoft obtains about you.

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