How to configure the Vodafone APN correctly

Vodafone is, for me, one of the best operators out there. Although it is true that there are other companies that offer more aggressive discounts, for an average user they have really good rates and with hints of portability and those things you end up getting a good terminal and a wonderful rate price. Now, since I switched from mobile to a free terminal (specifically the Samsung Galaxy S) I began to have Internet connection problems (via 3G, HSDPA, 4G and even with the 5G network). These problems were due to the fact that the Vodafone APN was not correct.

As you well know, if Vodafone sends you a terminal from its own store, it is configured to correctly access its network, but if you buy it, it may or may not work well. To be able to access the Internet correctly from a free mobile we have to correctly configure the Vodafone APN and on the net I have seen many configurations that work but are not correct and will give us many problems. Sometimes the phone also sets the APN automatically, but it is best to set the Vodafone APN manually because you will set the correct one and the one that works best.

Then… How is the APN of our mobile configured? In general, they are all very similar, we go to the Configuration of our terminal, we look for something like More Networks or Connectivity and then Mobile Networks (this may vary depending on the operating system, mobile, version, etc.). Once there we could find an option called Access Point Names or (APN). This is the setting that the SIM card uses to connect to your data network.

Correct Vodafone APN

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To configure it correctly we only have to enter the following data or parameters in a new access point:

  • Name: Mobile Internet
  • APN:
  • MCC:214
  • MNC:01
  • Authentication type: PAP
  • APN type:default

All other boxes (proxy, port, username, password, server, MMSC, MMS Proxy, MMS Port, Carrier, and Mobile Network Operator Type) must be empty. If that is not the case delete what is in them and everything will start working correctly. The configuration you have may work for you and sometimes it stops, this is the correct one and the 4G will start to fly.

Once we have done this we just have to save and it will be working correctly. This configuration has been provided by a specialized Vodafone technician (you do not need to call Vodafone Customer Service again) so it is the one we should use instead of others that we can find on the network. This way you can make the most of your Vodafone data connection. And it will be valid to put the Vodafone APN on Android as the Vodafone APN on iPhone.


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