How to Configure VLC Player to Get Brighter in Player (Examples)

VLC as it is known is short for English words VideoLAN Client, with which it has been called the most used multimedia player worldwide. This thanks to the infinity of tools available in the edition of multimedia contents within which we can highlight musical and audiovisual productions.

VLC started as a streaming service developed by students from the prestigious Ecole Centrale Paris university institute. Which used this medium to carry out engineering works given their software or operating system in which it was possible to have a service such as client and server. later GNU obtained it and registered it under a public license, thus making it accessible to all users.

From this moment on, the program began to revolutionize the art in audiovisual productions edition, which is why it was gaining strength among the digital community, until it reached register about 4 million users in the service and whose numbers have increased with the positioning of the technological age today.

How to set VLC Player to get brighter on the player?

VideoLAN Client is characterized by representing a set of resources available for free for users interested in integrating into it. artistic medium. And the reason why it is so useful is because it covers all the aspects necessary to obtain high quality productions.

Through the VLC platform, people can create content worthy of a movie theater. In which they can edit essential aspects, such as the equalization of Audio and the use of some sound effects. And in the case of images, it allows adding filter masks to give a personalized touch to the time or environment that is being presented, and even adjust certain parameters. If you wish you can also record an audio

Another of the virtues of the project is the layout of the platform in a very practical way. This allows any user to carry out activities from the program without requiring certain professional experience and as the person integrates, they will be able to include new effects. according to your knowledge.

Configure VLC Player to get more brightness in the player

Brightness is one of the most important aspects when correcting some shots that have been developed in low light environments, that is why VideoLAN Client allows you to perform adjustments to the clarity of recordings. If you need to increase the visibility of the details, you can apply this tool in the following way:

  • Enter VCL and select from the gallery the recording or video that you want to enhance by adding brightness.
  • Click on the menu of tools available in the tray and click on the option “Effects tools“and filters.
  • Swipe through the list of tools and click on a tab called video effects. Then you must activate or select the image settings.
  • In this section you will have access to a dialog box that allows you to make adjustments to the quality of the recording in terms of display. Swipe on the glow bar for more clarity and illumination.

VLC video modify brightness

  • You can make adjustments to other related effects such as sharpness and saturation and you can see the result immediately. Thanks to the sliding calibration of the bars.
  • After obtaining the desired image, click on the tab to accept located at the bottom of the pop-up box to save the changes made.

VLC video modify brightness.

Some of the additional options that you can use to obtain better results are the colors in VLCTry to play with these until you get a much more attractive palette for recording. You can also use the anti-blink options, in those portions of the video that develop more slowly or smoothly in those that are much faster.

Finally, it is good to emphasize that VLC is one of the most used platforms in different parts of the world. This is due to the quality of its service, since it frequently integrates new features. Likewise, the program allows making small changes and adjustments how to convert video and audio files to other formats

We hope that this information has helped you to do the procedure to configure VLC Player for more shine on the player.

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