How to Configure WhatsApp Messenger on iOS and Android Mobile Phones

For those who do not know, the WhatsApp platform has become the first option of millions of users in the world to send messages.

But we always reiterate the lack of knowledge that exists in the way the application is used. In the next tutorial we will show you the correct way to How to configure WhatsApp Messenger on iOS and Android mobile phones?

How to Configure WhatsApp Messenger on iOS and Android Mobile

Make a correct setting of the application before using it, both on iOS and Android devices, it will allow you to get the most out of it and not just send messages to be sent, ignoring certain parameters. It is better to take a moment and dedicate time to this very important part. And you stand very well before all your friends, family and contacts.

We must always have a thought that leads us towards excellence, for this we teach you articles that help you better understand the applications we use. Before we were able to show you a very interesting tutorial where you could be told what this application is and how it works.

How to configure WhatsApp Messenger on iOS and Android mobile phones?

The steps that we will show you below and that will help you to how to configure WhatsApp Messenger on iOS and Android mobile phones. It will serve you in a similar way for both operating systems and there is no difference. Since we are going to make the configurations directly in the application and not on the mobile.

The first configurations that we are going to make have to do with the personalization of your profile. First the name, then place the photo that you want your friends to see when they enter your profile. You can also write a message on your contact card, to do all this you just have to look for the Menu option when you enter the application.

You will find the Menu option when you press on the three-dot icon at the top. When doing this, a Menu will be displayed and in it you must choose the Settings option. This action will take you to the settings window, now touch the circle where your photo is to edit it, to do this, click on the camera icon.

You can also edit the name that you put when you created your profile, to do this you just have to click on the pencil icon. You will also have the important information of your account, such as the associated number and status. To modify your status you just have to press on it to change it and select if you are Busy, Available, at the Cinema, etc.

The WhatsApp Messenger platform offers you several configurable options, such as notifications. This, like other applications, brings by default a led sound and color, but you can modify this and place the sound and led color that you like best. Or so that you can differentiate it from a particular contact or a group.

To make these changes we will proceed as follows, click on the menu and then choose the Settings option. In that window you are going to select Notifications and you can make adjustments to group notifications, message notifications and call notifications. And in each of them you can choose the tone, light and vibration.

You can also go to the contact list, so you can customize these parameters for a particular contact. To do this, go to Menu, then select View contact, then choose the Custom notifications option. Another adjustment that you can make is to mute notifications from groups or particular contacts.

This is even easier, you just have to go to Menu and then select the option Mute notifications. After this a window will appear where you can choose different time options, you can choose between 1 year, 1 week, 8 hours. It also gives you the option to choose if you want the notifications to be displayed.

configure whatsapp ios

As you can see, there are numerous configurations that you can make so that the WhatsApp application works perfectly and in a personalized way. It’s just a matter of learning how to configure WhatsApp Messenger on iOS and Android mobile phones.

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