How to Connect 3 Independent Monitors to My Windows PC Easily

In this diversified world, it is necessary, not to say essential, to have different screens or windows, in order to carry out our various tasks. Since this would allow us to be more productive, but perhaps, this procedure may seem somewhat complicated. But nothing could be further from reality and then we will show you how to connect 3 independent monitors to my Windows PC easily.

What is really important, that you have the technical and physical specifications to be able to make this connection. Without this it will not be possible and we are talking about whether your PC with Windows operating system has at least one graphics card with three outputs to connect three monitors. Or, failing that, of several cards that give a total of three connections for monitors.

This is something essential rather than having the knowledge to do it, since it will not be physically possible. And if you have this requirement, the rest will be a piece of cake, since we will tell you what you need to do to complete the connection. The steps that we will list below are very similar to the cases when you want to connect your PC to a TV, to be able to enjoy your slides made in PowerPoint.

How to connect 3 independent monitors to my Windows PC

We will go straight to the point and we will give you the necessary instructions so that you can connect 3 independent monitors to my Windows PC easily.

connect windows monitors

In principle we must check the prerequisites that we already discussed. We also have the three monitors and the different types of cables for connecting these screens.

Now we will take the first monitor and we will connect it to the normal video card and you can use the cable you have on hand and it can be DVI, VGA or HDMI to connect the equipment.

East monitor we will place it as the main one and therefore it will be in the front. The other two will be one on the right side of this and the other on the left side of the main monitor.

Steps to connect 3 independent monitors to my Windows PC easily

The next step will be to connect the second monitor and we will do this through the alternative port that the video card has. Use the necessary cable for this connection, once you have performed this operation you must restart the PC. You will do this so that the computer detects the second monitor that you have connected.

The next step is to place the cursor on the desktop and right click, in the options menu you must choose the option Show more options.

Now you must choose the Properties option and a menu will be displayed from which you will choose the second monitor. And now you go to the Extend my desktop box on this screen and check it so that it is activated.

We already have two screens perfectly working in our pc, we still need to connect the third monitor and for this we will do the following.

Make the connection of the third monitor to the original video card, if it has three connectors. Otherwise, use another video card to connect the monitor and after doing this, restart your computer again.

The next step is to go back to the desktop and using the mouse pointer you are going to right-click and select the option Show options.

Then choose the Properties option and in the drop-down menu you are going to select the third monitor. Go to the Extend my desktop to this screen box and select it to activate it.

connect screen windows

And this is all you have to do to be able connect 3 independent monitors to my Windows PC easily. After this you should not make any adjustments, you should only use your PC, but now with the variant that you enjoy with three monitors. Thus, in this way you will be more productive and efficient in the various tasks in which you perform.

You realize how simple and fast it has been to make this connection, without complicated configurations and using the equipment you have at hand. And in this way we have shown you how easy it is connect 3 independent monitors to my Windows PC easily.

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