How to Connect a PSP to a TV via HDMI Easily

One of the virtues that most amateurs love video game is to be able to use them anywhere without having to be restricted to the area where the TV is located. This is the case with the PSP or PlayStation Portable, but many would love to be able to enjoy their favorite game on a bigger screen. This is why we will teach you how to connect via HDMI a PSP to a TV easily.

When a connection is made using this type of connectors, High definition image and sound transfer is performed. But surely you are asking yourself this question, How to make this connection if the PSP does not have an HDMI port? Well, the solution for this we are going to show you in the next tutorial and you just have to keep reading so that you know it.

You will find that it will be worth doing the connecting your PSP to your TV HD via the HDMI port. And enjoy your games on a much bigger screen than you are used to. But remember that there are no limits if you want to connect a video game console to your TV or even an HDMI monitor to a PC.

How to connect via HDMI a PSP to a TV easily

So that we can connect via HDMI a PSP to a TV easily we are going to make use of a converter or converter box. And in this way we will replace the lack of HDMI port in the PSP and in this way you can play using the screen of your TV. So now pay close attention and follow the simple steps that we are going to indicate below.

connect psp

To begin you must purchase this device that transforms the connection or headphone input that the PSP has into an HDMI port. Once you have this device you can make the relevant connections to use your TV as a screen for your PSP.

Steps to connect via HDMI a PSP to a TV easily

The first step is to take the converter PSP to HDMI and place it next to the TV, then plug the power cord into the outlet. The next step is to take one end of the HDMI cable and connect it to the output of the converter. And the other end of the HDMI cable must be connected to the TV input.

Then you must turn on the tv and you select in the menu the option Video inputs and there you must look for the input to which the converter is connected. And now get out of these options, the next step is to go to the PSP. And there you are going to look at the top for the headphone connector and you will connect one of the ends of the video cable.

You must connect the other end to the input of the converter, after these connections we will turn on the PSP to HDMI converter. Now we will go to the PSP and enter the menu and there we select the option Setting. Then we choose the sub menu Screen settings and there we are going to select the option Change video input.

Once you are inside this option you must press the X button, this action will cause the PSP screen to turn black and the menu now appears on the TV screen.

The next step is to choose the TV Type submenu on the PSP and you are going to choose the 16: 9 option and then press the X button. Next you must choose the Progressive option and press the X button.

I play tv

Exit the menu and voila, you can now enjoy your favorite games in high definition and in a size that you were not used to. As you have seen, it is very simple and fast to make this type of connection if you have the specific device. And without any problems you have been able Connect via HDMI a PSP to a TV easily.

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