How to Connect a Second TV to Dish Network Service Easily

We are always looking to join a digital television system that offers us, among its services, the possibility of installing another screen or a second television. But making this type of connection to a satellite system is not easy and has some complexity. And since we know this and we want you to not complicate your life, we will present you a tutorial that will guide you so that you can connect a second TV to Dish Network service easily.

The complication of this process is that you must connect a secondary cable directly from the company’s satellite dish. Or, failing that, through a satellite splitter and this device can only be purchased through the company that provides the service. But don’t worry, this is what this tutorial was born for, to solve the problem.

The renowned service provider of satellite television Dish Network can provide you with this help to make the necessary connections, but it will cost you extra money. Unless you learn to do it yourself, just as you did to connect multiple TVs to the same digital cable signal.

How to easily connect a second TV to Dish Network service

Before starting it is important that you can visually determine if it is possible to connect a second TV. You need to be able to see if your satellite antenna Two lines appear, if in your case it is not like that, you must replace it. Since your LNB or double frequency noise blocker is individual and you must change it for a double one.

connect tv

This device is known as LNB it is in charge of receiving the signals and transmitting them through the lines, so if it only has one connector, it will be impossible for you to connect another television. Then you will need to call your service provider Dish Network. To have an installer send out and replace the single LNB with a double one.

Steps to Easily Connect a Second TV to Dish Network Service

In the case that you satellite antenna has two lines, you must follow it to see where it is going and verify that there is a line that is not connected to a television. Or if both lines end in a satellite splitter, if so you must connect a coaxial cable to the splitter output. You must place this cable in a fixed way so that you do not have problems with the signal.

Once you have fixed the cable to the splitter or from the antenna, you must extend it until you reach the satellite receiver. Locate in the back of it the entrance with the name Satellite and connect the coaxial cable that you have extended from the splitter or satellite dish. Once you have made the connections to obtain the satellite signal, we will connect the receiver to the television.

Take the RCA cable and connect them to the satellite receiver, you can be guided by the colors two are for the audio and one for the video. Now the next step is to bring these cables to the TV and connect them following the same process. After this step, you must go to the menu of your television and make the settings to be able to select the input that will receive the satellite signal.

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If you cannot locate the source of TV / VideoYou can check with the TV manual, when you find the appropriate input you will receive the signal. And immediately you will enjoy all the programming that your Dish Network satellite television provider offers you. It is a bit of a hard job but the end result will be gratifying.

In this not so simple way, we have shown you that it is possible through your own work to make a little complicated connections, but it is easier than connecting 3 monitors to a PC. And if you follow the instructions that we show you in this tutorial, we are sure that you will be able to connect a second TV to Dish Network service easily.

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