How to Connect and Pair Mobile Bluetooth with Car and Other Devices Automatically

The best thing about driving is being able to do it while listening to how all our favorite songs are played, in this way we can enjoy much more that tedious journey from our home to our work or study site, or simply avoid or try to ignore the traffic as much as possible so as not to change our mood.

But for this, there are currently different ways of doing it, from the use of CDs to USB drives, although in this case, we will talk about our mobile devices and their connectivity through bluetooth to our playback system in our cars or any another device that is within our reach. And here in Look How It Is Done, We will teach you all the steps you must follow and we will also give you other options that you may find very interesting.


Can we connect and link via bluetooth automatically?

Actually, once we have realized what is the first time bondingOur devices, both the mobile and the player of our car, can be connected automatically, without the need to configure them again, of course, for this to happen it is necessary that the mobile device in question remains or at least for that moment has bluetooth option enabled.

Step by step to achieve automatic linking, via bluetooth

To be able to link for the first time, either to our car or to any other device. You need to follow the following steps:

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  1. The first thing to do is turn on the player and when activating the connectivity through bluetooth, we must also activate the bluetooth option on our mobile devices.
  2. After that, on the screen of our mobile, a list of names should appear of the devices with active bluetooth nearby, which in this case would be our car.
  3. In that list you only need press player name of our car or that of any other device in question.
  4. After that you will get a window asking if you want match, said device, in which your answer should be “to accept”. In the event of rejecting said proposal, it will simply not be linked to our cell phone.
  5. Normally it only takes a few seconds and the player will notify you with a sound, indicating that the pairing of both devices occurred correctly. Of course, there may be devices in which they ask you for a password, which should be in the manual of that device.
  6. Now on the contrary, if you want to link two mobile devices, depending on the models you may be asked for your password mentioned above, but this will be established by the person who started the link.
  7. Without further steps to follow, you only need to place the audio of your choice and thus be able to enjoy all your journey.

Are there other ways to connect automatically?

Yes, with the passage of time, there are new methods to be able to connect automatically, through various applications, such as the call “Bluetooth Auto Connect“. This application has the same pairing function that we mentioned above, but it does not stop there, since it is possible to perform other functions, which may be very useful for you.

Bluetooth Auto Connect, has the tool “Run App“which allows you to open” Spotify “immediately when you manage to automatically connect to bluetooth, you also allows deactivating bluetooth, After a certain time and in this way, power saves the necessary battery, in case you want it.

bluetooth compatible mobile players and cars

Another widely used alternative is “Android Auto”, which is specifically designed to improve the interaction between cell phone use, bluetooth and applications, such as Spotify when you are in your car.

One of the options is that you can activate bluetooth automatically When you open the application or vice versa, that is, activate bluetooth and automatically open the application, it also has the option of activating and deactivating bluetooth in a certain time or simply when exiting said application so that in this way it does not waste the battery of your cell phone, for having forgotten to deactivate the bluetooth of your device when you got out of the car. Remember to maintain an adequate volume, by your safety and that of the others.

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