How to Connect and Use my Roku on my Laptop Easily (Example)

You have a Roku device and you want to enjoy all the benefits that it can bring you, because we have the solution for you. In this manual we will help you take advantage of the functions of this equipment and how to use it with your laptop in easy steps.

The Roku device is a very useful tool to transmit to your Smart TV and even to connect to the Laptop and watch educational and entertaining content, as well as the possibility of controlling Roku TV through Alexa, if you wish. Thanks to this device, you and your family will be able to enjoy a wide range of content, such as watching or playing movies and videos for all types of audiences. And something that you may not know is that, with your Roku, you can mirror the screen even of your Laptop with the integrated settings.

An advantage of this configuration is that you you can configure your Laptop and your Smart TV, so that both project the same information together. For this you do not need separate hardware or install an application to your computers, since you can achieve it with the help of your Roku.

How to connect my Roku to my Laptop easily

This procedure and the steps are not complicated at all, that’s why we explain how to use the applications to connect your Roku with your Laptop. Therefore, be attentive to the procedure, so that later you do it at home and can connect and use your Roku on your Laptop.

Roku TV device

Roku setup

This procedure is quick, and if you already know how to use your Roku, it will be easier for you to follow the steps.

  1. You will first need to enable screen mirroring settings on your Roku device.
  2. Once you have entered the “Configuration” option, proceed to search for “Network” for the Roku configuration.
  3. Now locate between the options “Screen mirroring”And then“ Screen mirroring mode ”.
  4. After having selected these alternatives, press where it says “Ask” and make sure to correctly mark “Always allow”.
  5. But if you do not want to connect automatically, but prefer to do this when you want, select “Never allow”.

Connecting the Roku to the Laptop

Before performing this step, you must set up the Roku, and to connect your Laptop with it, you will need to do the following.

  • Go to the bottom right of your Laptop screen and select the “Notifications” option.
  • Then press the expand option to open it.
  • Now select where it says “Connect”.
  • At that time you will get several alternatives in the form of a list, of some teams to broadcast.
  • Look through the options for the “Roku” device and select it.
  • Next, both teams will begin to pair and that’s it.

How to use my Roku on my Laptop easily

We already briefly discussed how to program and configure the Roku and the laptop to be able to share your screen and enjoy more content entertaining for the whole family. Now, we will be analyzing how we can use the Roku with the Laptop in simple steps, to take advantage of all its educational content.

Roku TV Laptop

Using Wondershare Video Converter from Your Laptop

This is not only a video converter, but it also has the ability to edit them, and even allows you to make DVD recordings. If you have this application on your laptop, you can use it, since it has a plugin called “Media Server”.

Thanks to this application you can broadcast any type of video or content from your Laptop to the Roku, as they are docked. To use this method, you must follow the step-by-step instructions that we will give you here to be successful.

  • Start by starting the Wondershare media server.
  • Enter “Media Server” and it will automatically detect the Roku and select it.
  • After the devices are docked, add the local files, entering “Scan Disk”.
  • You can also select “Import” to attach some special files.
  • To start streaming, select the “Play on TV” button on your Laptop and wait for it to open on the TV.
  • And then you can use the content that you have selected on your Laptop and that will be broadcast on your TV.

Another interesting option from Roku is that you can project or transmit your cell phone screen on the Roku.

As you were able to analyze in this guide, connecting and using your Roku on your Laptop is not complicated, in addition, it allows you enjoy extensive content.

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