How to Connect Apple Airpods to the Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth

Electronic devices evolve more every day and surprise us with the new innovations they launch on the market. If you have any doubts, the nintendo switch is an example of this, as it established a new playability parameter by becoming the first portable and desktop console.

On the other hand, and if we go to the other side of the sidewalk, we could say the same about Apple products, which year after year impress us with different products and models that make the impossible possible.

An example of this is the Airpods, which became the first wireless headphones, thus improving the user experience and reducing the possibility of damage, since without the presence of cables, they are no longer so vulnerable.

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Boy using a Nintendo Switch

Without a doubt, both artifacts become the desire of many people; Nevertheless, compatibility in some of these products, Athough it does not seems, it is usually complex.

For this reason, if you have both, we will teach you how to connect Apple Airpods to the Nintendo Switch by Bluetooh, to improve the gaming experience or you can listen to music or watch videos through your console with wireless headphones.

Is it possible to connect the airpods with the Nintendo Switch?

In the first instance unable to connect airpods to Nintendo Switch, because the Switch does not accept Bluetooth connections for headphones or third parties, or their own. For this reason, right off the bat it will be impossible to connect both devices.

However, there is a fairly simple alternative for these two devices to interact and bond with each other through a Bluetooh connection and it is with the help of a Bluetooh adapter.

What Bluetooth adapters to use to connect the Airpods with the Nintendo Switch?

The list of adapters is not that long because many they do not work well with the port of the Nintendo Switch and although others do work, the latency of the sound is high, which makes the sound reach the hearing aids much later, making the experience annoying.

In this case, two good adapters stand out to be able to connect the airpods to the Nintendo Switch. They are the Airfly Pro from Twelve South and the Bluetooh Genki adapter.

Airfly pro

Airfly Pro is a small dongle or device that connects to other devices that do not have Bluetooth. It has a button on the top that will have to be held down for 10 seconds to access pairing mode.

The airfly will have been paired correctly when you start blink white and yellow interspersed. In the same way, you need to do the pairing with the airpods.

Nintendo switch Airpods device

Without removing the headphones from their case, you must press the button located on the back so that they are put into link mode. This is completed successfully when the light on the headphone case flashes green.

Bluetooh Genki adapter

Without a doubt the best alternatives to be able to connect the airpods to the switch. This device is an adapter for the console that provides you with Bluetooth and audio and that will allow you to connect different wireless headphones.

The genki adapter offers very low latency, which means that the sound will be reproduced in parallel with the video or game that is running, without the annoying delay of several seconds that other adapters have.

Best of all, it not only has compatibility with airpods, but also it can be paired with any kind of wireless headphones. In addition to this, it does not have its own battery, so you do not run the risk of being discharged while on the street.

This device is powered by the battery of the Nintendo Switch but the consumption is not excessive, so you can ensure long hours of play with your wireless headphones.

Using it is very simple. You should only connect Genki adapter to USB-C port to your Nintendo Switch, turn on your console and pair the adapter to the headphones.

How to use airpods with the Nintendo Switch?

The procedure is very simple, depending on the adapter you have, you will have to do one action or another but you must link both devices and that’s it.

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