How to Connect, Disconnect or Remove Access to WiFi Network Easily

Without a doubt, today Wi-Fi networks have become one of the most important means. Since through them we can connect to different platforms. And in this way, it makes it easier for us to carry out various tasks in different common areas of daily life.

You can find wifi networks in different places if they have an internet connection, it means “Wireless fidelity”. In turn, this connection is used to describe the technology that allows the use of wireless networks between various devices, such as telephones or computers.

For this reason we will explain to you what are the steps to be able to connect or delete a network from both computers.

How to connect or remove a Wi-Fi network from the mobile device?

Android WiFi networks

Initially, to be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network from your mobile device, you have to follow a few steps, it is a simple procedure.

So you have to have the device in hand and then you must enter the menu to be able to search for the “settings or configuration“Then a menu will open with various options in which you have to select the one of “connections“.

Together you can enter the section of “Wifi“in which you can view the nearby Wi-Fi networks. So you only have to select the one you have access to and then you must enter the password and click on the connect option. This way you can easily connect to a network.

Also, if you want to connect every time you are near the network, you just have to activate the option “connect automatically“Therefore, every time the device is nearby and detects that Wi-Fi network, it will connect without having to do it manually.

On the other hand, if what you want is disconnect or delete For a Wi-Fi network, you must perform the same steps to be able to enter the connections and view the name of the network to which you are connected. Press it for a few seconds and click on forget network in this way the Wi-Fi network will be removed from your connection list.

So this procedure can be done in the event that you no longer want to use it or because it has many connections saved on your mobile. You just have to manually select the one you want to remove.

In turn, if you want to disconnect without having to delete the password to be able to connect at another time, you just have to turn off the Wi-Fi connection of your device.

Discover the steps to connect and disconnect a Wi-Fi network from your computer

Laptop screen wifi icon

First of all, you must make sure that you have access to a Wi-Fi network, after you do so, you can locate it in the lower left part of your computer’s window and select the Wi-Fi or connections icon on the taskbar.

Once you click, you will notice the connections you have access to so you must select it. Then you have to give click connect, together next to the option to connect you will see that there is the option of “connect automatically“, Which is recommended to be activated.

It is important to note that this section means that when the network is available it will connect automatically so if you do not select it you will be able to connect only once and when you want to have access again you will have to carry out the process manually.

So when you do and if no problem arises you can enter the password, together you can activate or deactivate the option of “Hide characters” in case you have spies. Then you can click on “accept” in this way you can connect to the Wi-Fi network from Windows.

However, if what you want is to delete or remove a wireless connection account, you just have to enter the “task bar” again and select the connections icon. Once it opens, click on “open network and sharing center”. If you wish, you can put the Wifi network icon on the taskbar.

Then select in the left menu the option “Manage Wireless Networks”And then you will be able to locate yourself on the network you want to delete and then click on“ remove ”, this option is in a superior menu. In this way you will have eliminated the network from your computer, which is a simple procedure.

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