How to Connect Gamer Bluetooth Headphones to my PS4? – Easy and Fast (Example)

PlayStation 4, is perhaps one of the best consoles that have come out. Since this brings many games and functions which allow its user to live a unique experience in each game. Precisely because of those experiences is this tutorial, so that you can learn to connect gamer bluetooth headphones on my PS4.

And it is that, no experience is complete without headphones, because these are the ones that add magic to the game, allowing you to listen to your enemies and the soundtracks as if you were on the same screen.

It should be noted before starting, that this tutorial is only for the PS4 consoleIf you want to stop by and hear the sound of the game on PS3, you will have to find a different one.

How to connect gamer bluetooth headset on my PS4?

Now, to go directly to the point of your interest, and to learn as quickly as possible how to connect gamer bluetooth headphones on my PS4, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that not all headphones are compatible for the PS4.

It does not matter if they meet all the requirements, if your hearing aids are not endorsed by Play (they are official) you will not be allowed to connect them, since the same console automatically blocks them.

In the event that you have official headphones then you can continue. To connect them you must go to the “Settings” menu within the console, and from there select “Devices”, With this action you will get a list of connected devices such as your control.

bluetooth headset ps4

Next, you have to turn on your hearing aids and activate their pairing mode, with this action they should be reflected in the menu you are seeing, so the next step is choose them with the X button.

If everything goes well, in a few seconds the headphones and the Play should be paired and ready to use together (you can tell if they are ready because a green circle will appear next to them).

Another equally easy method of pairing headphones

With the above, you already know how to connect gamer bluetooth headphones to my PS4 in an easy way, so now it will show you another way you can connect headphones.

Certain headphones bring a pendrive or wireless adapter which is responsible for transmitting its signal. To connect this type of headphones it is necessary to first place the adapter in one of the ports of the Play (make sure the headphones are charged).

Then you have to turn on the device and wait for the blinking blue light (it may be a different color depending on the helmets) to fix and shine. If that happens it means that the headphones have already been paired successfully.

Headphone models available to you

Now that you know how to connect gamer bluetooth headphones to my PS4, it is time for you to see the best current models that you can get from the official Sony or PlayStation stores.

ps4 console black model

The latest are: Gold Series Wireless Stereos, Platinum Series Wireless Stereos, and Pulse Elite Wireless Stereo. With them you can play at your best level, And also to complement the experience of its use, you can download the official complement app for headphones found in the Store of the PS4 console.

And voila, with that you know everything you need, so now you only have to go buy your new helmets. Once you have them, do not forget to keep looking for information about Play such as: How to upload videos to Twitch from the PS4?

Or also, if you are more beginners, you can find out how to record a gameplay on PS4, so that you can start to immerse yourself in the true world of current gaming (which will not disappoint you).

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