How to Connect Google Analytics to Google Sheets to Create Reports (Example)

The way of working has evolved a lot in our times, bringing great changes and making things much easier for us. Have tools in your place of work is essential today due to the great technological advances in which we live.

For a long time, the Google company has made great efforts to provide all kinds of tools to its users through its system. Most of these tools have been resounding successes and have helped many accomplish tasks that were previously more difficult.

Today we are going to talk to you about a tool that is part of the Office suite from Google Drive which is Sheets. This application, available online from Chrome, is Google’s equivalent to the Excel program since it is a spreadsheet for offices.

Google Sheets It allows you several very useful tools, surpassing in some cases its Microsoft rival for being better developed. One of these tools is that you can create reports by connecting Sheets to Google Analytics and thus be able to review the information related to your website.

You may wonder how you can make this connection between these 2 Google appsLet me tell you, it is not very difficult. Just read our article and we will explain in detail what are the steps you must follow in order to create your reports with Google Sheets.

How to make Google Analytics reports with Sheets?

Green Sheets Logo

The Sheets tool is designed for a user to easily create spreadsheets for his work. However, the potential of this application does not end here, since Sheets can also be used for data analysis.

You only have to interconnect it to the Analytics tool and you will be able to manage all the information in the reports of your pages. Next we will show you what are the steps to follow so that you do not have any problem creating your reports with Sheets.

Step 1

The procedure is simple but first make sure you have a Google account to be able to access the applications that we will show you here. If you do not have a Google account, do not worry, just create it, it is very easy and it will not take you long to do it.

Step 2

You will also need to download a Chrome extension since directly Sheets does not allow this connection between these 2 applications. Extensions can be downloaded from the Chrome Store which is usually at the top of the search engine bookmarks bar.

Once installed go to Sheets and go to the “Add-ons” section at the top and click on the Google Analytics add-on.

Step 3

When you apply this extension in Google Sheets you will find several features such as: Allow sharing a spreadsheet or information from multiple sources, create custom calculations of the collected data, create a dashboard where you can see all the collected information.

You can collect reports to run automatically at a certain time and easily control who has access to the information in the reports

Ready, if you followed all the steps correctly you will be able to create your reports Google Analytics with Sheets quickly and easily. However, it is not the only way we have to create these reports since Google offers many more tools. You can also insert dates with the DATE function in Google Sheets.

How to create reports with Google Data Studio?

Reports Window with Google Data Studio

Creating and managing the reports of your web pages is very important and Google knows it and that is why I created Data Studio. This application is designed to make it easier for you to professional reporting of any kind with a very elegant interface.

The objective of this tool is to allow data analysis visually so that it is much easier to study the results. To access this application, just type in the search engine “Google Data Studio” and Google will direct you directly to the home page.

The creation and management of reports of the activity of your pages can help you a lot when making decisions. So having several options to manage this information will be very useful.

With this we come to the end of the article, we hope that the guide that we offered you to create Google Analytics reports has been useful to you.

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