How to connect my Roku to WiFi without Remote Control step by step

The entertainment we have access to today is one that has almost no limits, due to how things work. By this we mean how current technology defines our lives and has brought us all kinds of facilities. And this not only applies to entertainment, but to various aspects of our lives, which we often take for granted.

But, when it comes to entertainment, we can find it almost anywhere, since with the arrival of the smart TVs, mobile phones and computers for personal use; we have access to a large amount of content. In fact, much of this is thanks to the internet and the services that we can access thanks to it.

If you want to see a movie, series, documentary and another; You may find yourself looking for a good platform to see it, and in doing so, you will realize the large number of sites that can satisfy you. From the best content on Netflix to Hulu; There are several platforms that you can lean on to find what you need, but often being able to switch from one to another can be a hassle.

Due to the latter, several devices have been devised through which you can access the different platforms in which you have a membership. These can come in many shapes and sizes, such as the Chromecast settings, Apple TV, Xiaomi Mi TV Box; as well as others.

connect roku black

All have the possibility of being connected to a television to view all kinds of content from the internet, including the aforementioned platforms. So does Roku, a similar device that relies on a controller to function, but when a new internet is installed and you don’t have a controller in hand, things can get a bit difficult.

A Roku in your hands

Being able to access all kinds of multimedia content over the internet can be extremely simple, especially when you have a device like Roku. This is a device that you can connect to a television and even to your laptop, regardless of where you are; to the connect it to a network Wifi, you can have access to all those platforms where you already have a membership.

It is quite simple to use, it does not cost too much money, it can even be taken to a hotel, and it does not take up too much space; so you can see everything you like in high definition.

team roku control

However, because it is a device that comes in two parts (The device as such and a remote control) it is possible that control may be lost; which makes it a bit more difficult connect the device to a networkFor this reason, we will help you below if you have this problem.

Your Roku without a remote

Whenever you buy a Roku device will come with an original remote control that is already configured to be used directly. But, if by any chance the control is no longer in your power, using your Roku can be a bit more difficult.

You always have the option of being able to download a virtual control directly to your cell phone, through the App Store or the Google Play Store; But in order to connect it to your Roku, it must be connected to the Wifi network before.

That is, if you have made a network change, or have taken your Roku to any other place where you want to connect it without the control; It will be impossible for you to configure or control it without it.

The best thing is that you can buy another Roku for be able to replace it; since without a control to control this it will simply be impossible for the user to connect to it in a new network, not even using a virtual control.

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