How to Connect my Smart TV to the Internet: Cable or WiFi – Step by Step

Connect my Smart TV to the internet It seemed a bit complicated to me at the beginning since I had no knowledge of how to do it, and it turned out to be easier than I could imagine, by reading this small but important article you will realize how fast it is to have internet access on your device .

It is convenient to expand and deepen the topic that really characterizes this section, how to connect a Smart TV to the internet in simple steps, the main step that we must point out is that to achieve the internet connection there are two access options: With an Ethernet cable or with a wireless WIFI network.

In theory it is more advisable to use the Ethernet method since it guarantees a stable connection, however if you do not have the cable at hand, or it is more convenient for you to have wireless access, the WIFI will provide you with the same internet connection function.

By what means can I connect my Smart TV to an internet network?

In order for you to connect your Smart TV through an internet connection, it must be connected to a network. To make this connection, it can be done just as with a computer. This can be done by two means: From the TV configuration or by connecting the TV to an Ethernet Cable.

From your TV settings

To make this connection from the TV settings it is necessary to look for the option of networks and connections enter the Wi-Fi settings part which is what the Internet is going to generate for SmarTV so that it can function intelligently.

Using an Ethernet Cable

There is a second option and it is the same as with a PC or a laptop. If you cannot activate the wireless connection, what you should do is look in settings to activate the internet through the Ethernet cable that will be connected from your router to the Smart TV.

Once having knowledge of the aforementioned options, we can explain in detail the steps to follow to have a effective connection of the device.

If the router is near the television, it is feasible to use the cable connection, but it is necessary to configure an Ethernet configuration, and for this Take the cable and connect it from the LAN port of the router to the LAN port of the device, this is where it should automatically access the internet.

If this does not happen locate on your Smart Tv device In the configuration menu, click on network or Network connection, select the option to start connections then on LAN connection and follow the instructions until the end.

connect smart tv to internet

Not all Smart TV devices are the same, depending on the brand you will find words or different configurations, but these are the general steps to follow for any device.

Procedure to connect your Smart TV to the internet wirelessly

Now, if it is better for you to connect with the WIFI network, we recommend that you make sure that you have the least amount of devices connected to the network, since it could lower their quality.

The method used to enter the WIFI network in the smart device is very simple, since it is similar to the one applied to connect with LAN portTo do this you will have to take into account the following steps shown below.

Locate the configuration menu on your Smart TV, click on network or Network connection, then on the connection start option, select the Wireless button, find the name of your WIFI network and then Enter the key

Then it will be operational and ready for you to start using it. And if you are still not clear about the functions and advantages of a Smart TV, below we will show you a small review of everything you can do from home, after having connected your device to the internet.

The procedure to connect your Smart TV to the internet wirelessly is very simple, then we are going to tell you how to do it depending on the brand of Smart TV you have.

Samsung Smart TV

If your Smart TV is a Samsung brand to be able to connect it to the internet wirelessly, that is, from the Wi-Fi connection, what you should do is enter the menu with the control by pressing the button. ‘Home’. The next step is to go directly to the network to enter its configuration and be able to locate the part that says ‘Wireless connection’ To select the Wi-Fi network of our house, at the moment of entering the password the TV will be automatically connected to the network.

smart tv with internet


In case your Smart TV is LG brand you will go directly to the settings and precisely on the left side of the menu you have to search and select where it says ‘Network connections’ after this you have to select the start connection part to be able to search for the network to which the Smart TV is going to connect.

Panasonic TV

To connect a Smart TV to a wireless network, it is necessary to do so from its settings, but in the network connections part, you have to select the option of automatic search and the moment the TV does not find a cable connection, you will get the option to add WiFi.

Smart TV adapter

To make this connection from a Smart TV adapter what you have to do is connect the adapter to the HDMI input of the TV to configure and select the network.

Advantages of having a Smart TV with an internet connection at home

As we know, a Smart TV is a smart TV that has its own operating system. Having a Smart TV with an internet connection at home is very advantageous since you can make use of all its functionsOn the other hand, if you do not have an internet connection for your smart TV, you will only be able to use it to watch satellite channels.

A Smart TV is one of the best inventions that has brought the evolution of the market, it is a smart TV that allows you to access multiple activities (such as connecting to the internet) necessary today.

connect smart tv to internet

Next we will introduce you to the advantages of having a Smart TV at home. East smart device It contains various alternatives and tools that will be very useful, starting with that it fulfills the same functions as a computer, and you will be able to install applications and games, thus achieving comfort for the whole family.

With Smart TV you carry out the following activities: watch series and movies using platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus and othersYou can also listen to music on YouTube, surf the internet, enter social networks, play games and make video calls. Just download Google Play and play your Smart TV

Through a smart TV video conferencing is possible And let’s say that in these times of the Covid-19 pandemic it has been the most viable work tool in many companies worldwide. The Zoom platform is the most common one used by entrepreneurs.

What should I do if my TV does not allow me to connect?

In case your TV does not allow you to make the connection, what you should do is restart the router to verify that the problem is not a signal. In case the problem is not a signal, the other solution is to restore the Smart TV to factory settings to start the process from the beginning.

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