How to Connect or Activate the AirPods to a Mac PC or Windows 10, 8 and 7 or other Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the world of mobiles, laptops and computers, in addition to other terminals, thus proving to be a primary tool in each of these devices to such an extent that we can even see it added to a large number of accessories.

The bluetooh’s main objective is to offer the ability to be able to facilitate transmission of voice, data, information and other files wirelessly from a sending entity to a receiving entity. All this is executed through a radio frequency connection channel enabled by both terminals.

It is important to note that for this process to be carried out and operate successfully, both devices must have implemented bluetooth technology, in addition to that they will have to activate this innovative option in each of them. In this way you can enable the wireless data connection without any problem.

From the moment this tool was created and released for the first time has created a remarkable impact in the world of technology in general. To the point that, as we have commented previously, bluetooth technology is present today in a large number of terminals and accessories.

This option has evolved over time in each of these terminals and devices, and together with it in the same way the development of accessories has had a great growth, in addition to presenting year after year important and impressive changes and modifications adapted for different needs.

airpods case

Among these accessories to which bluetooth technology has been added we can take into account some such as radios, horns, speakers, musical instruments, video game consoles and many more. But there is an accessory to which this technology has gone implemented in recent years.

At the time this accessory was created and launched on the market, it was considered one of the most impressive innovations of the moment and is currently still considered as such, since it turned out to be totally practical for all kinds of activities. Without a doubt one of the best creations of the decade.

Next we will tell you about this fabulous accessory known as AirPods or wireless headphones, what it is as such and what facilities it can offer us in our day to day life. Stay with us and find out all the details around one of the most important innovations today.

What are AirPods and what can they offer us?

Surely we have not encountered that annoying moment in which we have to untangle our hearing aids that we just placed a few seconds ago in our bag or pocket or when we want to listen to music while washing the dishes but the headphone cable makes it very difficult.

For this and much more, different companies have taken the initiative to adapt bluetooth technology to our hearing aids, thus eliminating completely the need for a cable that connects to our device. Now we can do any of the aforementioned activities and more without any problem.

How to connect our AirPods to our computer?

If you have a PC or laptop with bluetooth you can enjoy this tool. but to be able to do it you will have to follow a few steps, which we will explain below. If you have a PC with a Windows system, our first step will be to activate bluetooth on both our computer and the AirPods.

To be able to do this step with the AirPods we will have to place them in their box and press the button that is right in the center of it. A light will appear and indicate that our AirPods are searching for nearby devices that have their respective active bluetooth.

computer connect

Now we will only have to look for the AirPods in the list of nearby devices that will appear on our computer, once you see them we will select them and that’s it. On the other hand, in case you have a Mac we will have to carry out a similar process. Again we will activate the bluetooth of both terminals.

We will search the list of terminal devices that we can see from our Mac computer, we will wait for the AirPods to be shown to us in this tray to finally select them, connect them and that’s it. We can even see its battery from the terminal.

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