How to Connect or Integrate the MailChimp Subscription Form on Facebook

Currently the social networks have made the world revolution in aspects such as communication, sales and popularity of many people. In addition to this, information travels faster and is available to many people around the world, including those who want to inform specifically. A great tool to better manage digital marketing is MailChimp, and for this you require integrate a subscription form. That is why we will talk to you about how to connect or integrate the MailChimp subscription form on Facebook?

But first we would like to explain to you what a subscription form consists of and what it does in this digital age.

What is the subscription form?

Subscription forms are practical and accessible tools that help to enhance the reach of marketing activities by long-term mail. For example, MailChimp offers very complete options to attract subscribers to websites, social media channels, among other platforms.

What is the MailChimp sign-up form on Facebook?

The MailChimp sign-up form is a plugin that helps to gather subscribers in social networks, E-Commerce platforms, marketing and blogs like WordPress in which you can make subscription forms.

email subscription form

Next, we show you how you can integrate or connect the MailChimp subscription form on Facebook, easy and practical.

How to integrate the Mailchimp subscription form on Facebook?

One of the great novelties that we will explain to you below, has to do with the subscription of the MailChimp form to a Facebook page. One aspect that we must remember that MailChimp is an email marketing tool, becoming an excellent communication technique, combining email with Facebook.

Now let’s carry out the process of integrating the form, the steps that we will indicate below are totally easy and functional.

Step 1- Link Facebook’s inclusion in MailChimp

Before starting, we recommend that you follow these steps very carefully so that there are no errors in the entire process. And on the other hand, it is important that you have created an account in MailChimp to be able to make said subscription.

  1. You must first log into MailChimp.
  2. Click on the username and select Account.
  3. Go to the Integration or (Integrations) tab.
  4. Locate Facebook.
  5. Start your session on Facebook.
  6. Support the credentials.

Step 2- Add the form to the Facebook page

In this step we will explain what you should do to add the form to the Facebook page, it is totally easy, it means that you will not get lost in doing it.

  1. Again you will click on your username and choose the Account option.
  2. Now go to the tab that says Integrations or integration.
  3. Now go to Facebook.
  4. Select Fanpage where you will put the form.
  5. Then choose one of the lists that you have designed in MailChimp so that you can compile the emails.
  6. Now choose the option “Yes” or Yes in “Use Signup Form”.
  7. Subsequently, select the theme you want in the form that you will publish on Facebook, if you wish you can use the one that has by default “My List’s Theme” or the way “Facebook-esque”.
  8. Now, designate the tab as you want in “Tab label”.
  9. Finally, finish the action by clicking Save.

doing the mailchimp facebook subscription

Step 3- Check that everything is working properly

This step is essential, since you only need to make or implement a connection test from the “Test Connetion” option. On the other hand, it is recommended review Fanpage to visualize the final result, so in this way you can check for yourself what you have done.

If you want you can also create campaigns according to your brand with the help of Mailchimp. We hope that this article will be very helpful to you to connect or integrate the Mailchimp subscription form on Facebook.

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