How to connect the Nintendo Switch to a TV without using the dock step by step

When we talk about the Nintendo switch We are referring to a console that has become very popular because it is one of the newest consoles that Nintendo has put on the market. And this console gives you the opportunity to play almost any title because it supports a variety of formats, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Hence the importance of keeping the Nintendo Switch screen clean.

You can also use it in portable mode and it has the ease of using it in desktop mode and you can even take out its stand to share games with your friends from time to time.

But although we have talked about some of the benefits that this offers you nintendo console, not everything ends up here. This console gives you the opportunity to connect your Switch to a TV without the need to use the dock in a very safe way, in addition you can also turn the Nintendo Switch console on and off with the control.

Connecting your Nintendo to the TV in this way is very advantageous as this will prevent the screen of your Switch from getting scratches due to the dock connection. Would you like to know how to do it? In this article we will teach you step by step what you must do to enjoy this technique.

What is needed to connect the Nintendo Switch to the TV without a dock?

nintendo switch with cables on table

Using this method to connect your Switch to the TV is something that many of its users have done in order to play on big screen and at the same time carefully preserve your Nintendo because, as we said before, using the dock can leave unpleasant marks on the screen of your Switch and also on the body of the console that can gradually deteriorate it. On the other hand, you can increase the battery life of the Nintendo Switch.

It is for this reason that we bring you this little guide so that you can learn how to connect your Switch to TV without using the dock step by step. To achieve this it is necessary that you have certain materials that we will show you below.

  1. Logically your Nintendo Switch
  2. Nintendo Switch Dock
  3. HDMI cable (included with Nintendo Switch)
  4. Stand or ventilated support surface for Nintendo Switch
  5. USB-C male and female connection cable

What are the steps to follow to connect your Nintendo Switch to the TV?

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Step 1

The first thing you should do is make sure that the original Switch dock is connected to power and also that the HDMI cable original is well hung, connecting the dock with the TV.

Step 2

Now you must place your Nintendo Switch on the ventilated stand face up. You must also make sure that this stand does not cover the Switch fan outlet.

Step 3

Now you must carefully place the dock upside down and connect the USB-C extension cable on the female side to the USB-C connection inside the dock.

This step can be a bit complicated because you have to make sure that the cable must be pressed down well, since the spring mechanism that includes the Nintendo Switch dock it may make the USB-C not insert well. You just have to press it firmly so that it is properly installed.

Step 4

It is time to use the male end of the USB-C extension cable to connect it to your Nintendo Switch. It is recommended that you turn on your Nintendo console and that way you can verify that everything works correctly.

If everything works perfectly you will be able to see how it turns on without any problem and that the content of the screen of your Switch is clearly seen on the screen of your TV.

As you see, connect your Nintendo Switch to TV without using dock It is not very complicated, it simply requires a bit of patience and effort to be able to connect the female USB-C to the input inside the dock.

Once you manage to do this small process, you can use this new method to play with your Nintendo Switch using your TV, and best of all, you will not damage your screen or Switch console.

You can see that no more scratches or scrapes will appear, you can keep it as new. In addition, it is important that you remember that if you do not have the stand and the USB-C extension cable, you can find them on Amazon, and the truth is that these accessories are not that expensive and are a good alternative for your console. Nintendo Switch.

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