How to Connect the Pro and Joy-Con Controllers of the Nintendo Switch on my Mac (Example)

For video game lovers, having a Nintendo Switch is sure to be a pleasant experience. However, many would like to be able to use their controls Joy-Con and Pro in its Mac computer, but they don’t know how to do it. In this article we will show you what steps to follow and soon you will be enjoying your favorite games on your Mac computer.

What are the Pro and Joy-Con controllers?

The Nintendo Switch is one of the video game consoles most popular on the market. And it is that Nintendo has been selling its products for years, becoming a fairly well-known brand. You can even turn the Nintendo Switch console on and off with the controller.

The Pro controllers are the controllers of Nintendo switch and are alternative to Joy-Con controllers. Although the latter are the most used, the Pro give you a better experience.

Joy-Con on wooden table

Something attractive about this new Nintendo console are its Joy-Con that have integrated Bluetooth and tracking sensors. This makes it attractive to consumers.

These Joy-con They are the controls of the Nintendo Switch that consists of two individual devices. These controllers can be used connected directly to the Switch console or also used wirelessly.

These units can be used together, although you can also use them separately and share it with another player as individual controllers. This is possible thanks to the fact that, when separated, both work autonomously and connect to the console via Bluetooth.

A Nintendo Switch console can support up to eight Joy-Con connected simultaneously. These can be attached to the sides of the console or used wirelessly.

Joy-Con feature built-in batteries that are charged when connected to the Nintendo console. In addition, something very positive about these units is that thanks to the fact that they have Bluetooth, you can connect them and use them on other computers and mobile devices.

The latter in particular is a feature that users are very attracted to. Since they can connect their Joy-Con and Pro to their Mac computers and play games without the console of the Switch. Do you want to learn how to do it? Stay and enjoy this article where we will show you step by step what you should do.

How to connect the Pro and Joy-Con controllers to a Mac PC?

Nintendo Switch controller

Who wouldn’t want to connect their nintendo controllers to a Mac computer? You could play quietly as if it were the console. Next, we will give you a small guide so you can see how to do it and how easy it can be.

Step 1

The first thing you must do to connect your controllers to your Mac computer is press the side button of your Joy-Con. When you do, you will notice that the lights on the remote start to flash, this means that it is ready to pair via Bluetooth.

Step 2

On your Mac computer you must click on “” then you must click on System Preferences and finally click on Bluetooth. On the screen of your Mac computer, in the Devices window, you must locate your Joy-Con controller.

Step 3

You must click where it says Connect and automatically, it will start pairing with your Joy-Con controller. When the process is finished, it will be ready to use as a controller for your computer and play.

How to use the Pro Controller on a Mac computer?

Now, if the controller you have is a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, you don’t have to worry. You just have to do the same as we explained for the Joy-Con controller.

Also, if you use a controller pro you will have a better gaming experience than with a Joy-Con controller. This is because thanks to the fact that it has a more stable connection via Bluetooth, you won’t have as much lag when playing games.

If what you want is that the connection of the controls is better and avoid so much lag, we can recommend you to use an App. Its name is Enjoy2 and basically maps the controllers of your Nintendo Switch.

Having a mapping App can give you a better experience and with it you can also configure the buttons of your controls to your liking.

We hope that with the steps we gave you have been able to connect your controls to your Mac computer. It is important to remember that in this configuration it is not yet available to connect both Joy-Con to the computer but only one.

In another vein, we invite you to read the following articles How to use and configure the Nintendo Switch JoyCon on your PC, as well as how to increase the battery life of the Nintendo Switch for sure, they will help you a lot.

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