How to Connect the PS4 Controller to my Android Mobile via Bluetooth?

Then we will see how to connect the PS4 controller to my Android mobile via Bluetooth in an extremely simple way and in a few steps.

The PlayStation 4 controller is one of the most comfortable to use. Playing with a PS4 controller is just great, as it fits perfectly in any pair of hands.

Best of all, they can be connected to Windows and Mac computers. But also to mobile devices. This allows us to enjoy all the games we have on consoles, computers and telephones with a single remote control.

In this article we will see how to connect PS4 controller to Android cell phone by Bluetooth. You will see that it is an extremely fast process and above all simple things that should not take more than a few minutes.

Although the result for competitive games I do not think it is the best, since with a Bluetooth connection you will not have the same reaction time as with a cable. A little further down we are going to leave you an alternative that you may like much more.

controller ps4 cell phone android

How to connect PS4 controller on Android by Bluetooth

  • You will need to have the controller turned off and fully charged before starting.
  • Now you will have to leave the button “$” and “Compartir”Pressed together until the light starts to blink white.
  • Then, you will have to go to your phone and in Settings> Bluetooth search for a new device. Here you should see “Wireless Controller”.
  • Once you press on it, wait for the connection to be made and voila, you will have your remote connected to your mobile device.

Do youHow I use the controller in games? Everything will depend on the game in question, you will have to configure it to allow you to enjoy any game with the PS4 controller. Many titles are capable of detecting the connected controller, while in others you must configure button by button.

What you should keep in mind is that with Bluetooth the controller does not react as fast as one might expect, which can ruin the experience a bit when playing the game.How can we solve it? Let’s see another method to connect PS4 controller to our Android phone.

controller ps4 cell phone

Connect PS4 controller to Android with USB-OTG cable

We cannot deny that wireless connections can be extremely comfortable. The only problem is that on many occasions they can disconnect, have delay problems, etc.

But by cables, everything is more reliable and stable connections. With a USB-OTG cable you can not only connect your PS4 controller to your device. If not, you can connect almost anything: keyboards, mice, speakers, etc.

You will first need to find out if your phone is compatible with a USB-OTG cable. Once you are clear that it is compatible. You will have to purchase said cable.

When you have everything ready, connect the controller through the cable and you will notice a considerable difference when playing different games. Especially those that are enjoyed online and are competitive.

Command reacts much faster and the connection is very stable. Something that is essential to have a good experience playing any video game.

In case you want to take your experience further. You can choose to purchase a support for PS4 phones. In this way you can enjoy playing video games wherever you want for as long as you want and with the enormous comfort that a remote control can give us in front of a touch screen.

Remember that, if you have any questions about how to connect PS4 joystick to Android phone, you can leave it a little further down in the comments section.

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