How to Connect to the Internet in the Safest Way? – Easy and Fast (Example)

Human beings have always sought to improve their quality of life, with this thought the creation of the Internet is no exception. Society was invaded with new opportunities and the decade of the ’80s opened the doors to a powerful tool.

However, this great ally could become a double-edged back if we do not pay the necessary attention when using it. Even if you have moved in the right direction, it is still a risk Internet access without taking the required measures.

Failure to do so could make you easy prey for a virus or people looking for an opportunity to steal personal information. But don’t worry! All is not for lost, there are some things you can do to feel safe on the Internet.

How to connect to the Internet in the safest way?

Internet connections on multiple laptops

Next we will show you how you can connect to the Internet more securely in different connections depending on your method. This way you will know what are the correct forecasts that you should take when using a telephone connection Ethernet or a Wi-Fi wireless network.

Connect with Ethernet securely

Know the security parameters, so you will know how to connect to the Internet from your computer with the modem with complete peace of mind. You must go to the browser Google Chrome in order to make configurations in it that help you with your goal of safely browsing the internet.

Protect yourself from malicious advertising that comes in links with ads or pop-up windows that can infect your computer with a virus.

With the following step by step you will be able to remove or eliminate the ads or pop-ups so that they do not appear while you surf the internet.

Step 1

Access Google Chrome, go to the option to customize and control the browser identified with three dots in the upper left corner. Go to the section “Setting”.

Step 2

Once there, locate the “Privacy and security” section and within this you must select “Website Settings”.

Step 3

This option shows the permissions and data of the websites. Select permission to “Popup windows and redirects” You will see the option to “Block recommended” select it.

If you want to protect yourself more, you can install an extension in the browser, this will help you not to download files that contain a harmful virus.

Avast Online Security is available in the Google Chrome web store, search for it and add it as an extension to your browser.

Connect to a secure Wi-Fi network

Wi Fi network connection vector

To create a secure Wi-Fi network you must access the configuration page of the company corresponding to your router. In this opportunity we will give you the step by step of how to do it with TP-LINK.

You must put your IP address in the search bar of the browser and a window will appear that will give access to the configuration. Fact: Companies tend to use the word admin as username and password.

Step 1

Go to “Wireless”, go to option “SSID” to configure the name of your Wi-Fi network and indicate the region where you are. At the same time verify that both “Enable Wireless”, “Radio” and “Enable SSID Broadcast” are working to finish by selecting “Save”.

Step 2

Configure your access code, for this go to “Wireless Setting” from there to the option “WPA / WPA2 – Personal (Recommended). We advise you to use a password that does not contain personal data or that is easy for other people to discover. So thanks to these simple steps, only those who have your authorization will be able to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

What else can be done?

You need to have programs that support adjustments that you did in your browser and on your network Wifi.

These can be antivirus or firewall because they take care of your back while you browse the Internet, make sure to keep these programs updated. In the same way, avoid making downloads on sites with dubious origin, it is better to use the options pages to make downloads.

On the other hand, to feel that your information is safe browse with the unknown option as no data will be stored in the history.

Always use known Wi-Fi networks and do not share banking information on the Internet without verifying if the page is trustworthy. In short, if your devices could talk about insurance, they would appreciate it if you would take these measures to keep them risk-free. If you are interested in knowing more about How to protect yourself to surf safely when using a public WIFI network? We invite you to read this article.

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