How to Connect to Two WiFi Networks at the Same Time on PC? (Example)

The possibility of connect to the internet it is one of the most useful tools that our electronic devices have. This technology allows you to be interconnected all the time with others and have any information in a matter of seconds.

Without the Internet, life would be more difficult since there are many companies and institutions that depend on this medium for their operation. So having a good signal is essential to enjoy this valuable and necessary service for the people of today. For this reason it is important to have a detailed control that allows you to generate a complete report of network connections in Windows.

A good way to make sure and always have access to the Internet is connect to 2 Wi-Fi networks simultaneously. This will allow not only to always be online but also to have a greater bandwidth since both signals will be combined having greater capacity.

Although it is true that many people do not know how to connect to 2 Wifi networks at the same time, it is not as difficult as it seems. We are here to show you with simple steps the best way to do it and in a simple and fast way.

How does this technology work?

Blue color wifi icon on laptop

Let’s first talk about how this system works in order to have a broader picture and in this way better understand the steps to follow.

The method the computer uses to connect to 2 Wifi networks It is by using a virtual network device. A “virtual network device” is a Wifi antenna configuration defined in a domain connected to a virtual switch. This is managed by a virtual network controller which in turn connects to the network using logical domain channels (LDCs).

In short, this device virtual network it can be used like any normal network interface and is compatible with any device.

How do I know if my PC can connect to 2 Wifi networks?

To find out if your PC has this tool, just follow these simple steps that we will leave you below. If following these steps you discover that your PC does not have this capability, contact technical support to find a solution. Also make sure to troubleshoot network connection problems on your Windows PC.

Step 1

Go to start and write “Network connections” in the search bar and then you must click on the “See network connections” section.

Step 2

Once inside you should see if your pc has the option “Wireless network connection 2” and make sure it has the name “VirtualWiFi Miniport Driver”. If so, then you can connect to two networks without problems and we will provide you with the steps you must follow.

How to connect to 2 Wifi networks?

Wifi network in hand

We are almost done, now it only remains to show you what you must do to connect to 2 Wi-Fi networks at the same time. It is not a difficult thing to do so you do not have to have problems if you Pc has this ability.

Step 1

Go to the section on available network connections in the toolbar at the bottom right of your computer. You can see all the available networks, you must right click on one of the networks that you want to connect and click “Connect”.

Step 2

Once it has been successfully connected, the pc will inform us that you can connect to a second Wi-Fi network without any problem. Just click on the second Wifi network in the same way as in the first one and it will connect after a few seconds.

And voila, if you followed the steps correctly you should already have 2 Wi-Fi connections simultaneously. We hope that this guide has been useful in this process and that you can enjoy this useful and practical tool.

Slow Internet?

Having the tool to connect to 2 Wi-Fi networks is very useful but this does not affect the connection speed you may have. Connection speed is highly dependent on several factors, including bandwidth.

But there are times that even with the highest bandwidth, bad programming or network saturation can make your connection slow, don’t worry, this can be solved easily and quickly by just applying a simple configuration, for this we bring you the following article that will teach you how to improve the speed of your WiFi and accelerate the Internet to the maximum.

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