How to Connect two Routers by WiFi, PLC or Cable in the Same Network? – Easy and Fast (Example)

Many times when we see that our internet is slow, we think that we should change its position to a closer site to have more connection. But is there a solution? Yes, there is. It’s very simple, you just have to connect two routers by WiFi, PLC or cable to the same single network line and you will be able to enjoy greater connection in your home. Follow this step by step and you will have a guaranteed success.

What materials do I need to connect two routers by WiFi, PLC or cable on the same network line?

wifi for computers, phones and other devices

To be able to connect two routers by WiFI, PLC in the same network you must carry out this operation, you will only need two things: a router with a previous connection to the internet and an Ethernet one, It is also known as UTP cable or because of its RJ45 header. With these materials in hand you can now carry out the installation.

Simple network connection methods from two routers via WiFi, PLC or cable to the same network

By cable

To achieve the connecting both routers effectively what you should do is the following:

  • First you must connect routers in series inserting the Ethernet cable through the LAN 1 slot, so that you have an internet connection. If it already has this slot occupied, move it to 2 or 3 to insert said cable that does not have internet and that we will provide you next.
  • See if they start to blink the front lights of the device, turning yellow or similar.

Router Configuration

Router # 1: When you get here, things may get a bit complicated, since even though we have already connected our routers, we will not enjoy connection yet. That is why you must follow the following step by step:

  1. First you must configure the router that provides the connection, Well, he sends it to the other router. How? You just have to enter the configuration from your pc or device and write the IP address that appears on the back.
  2. Then you must write the administrator and user It will vary depending on the router manufacturer. At this point we will find a panel with many configurations, we must look for the DHCP Server that is in advanced options.
  3. Next, you must verify that the activation box is on, if it is not you must do it for this way provide internet to the other router.Router # 2: With the previous step we provide internet to this router. Nevertheless, we must have a static IP and provide the internet correctly to other devices:
  1. You must first enter the control Panel, like another router, to configure the IP. You must connect to router two with the key that has already been established also through the Ethernet cable, and we write the same address on our PC, since when we enter we look for the DHCP section, which you will have to deactivate and thus assign an IP address manually .
  2. Configure the router: To do this, make sure that the DHCP server option is deactivated and you will have to look for another section with the IP address name to provide the desired IP address.
  3. You will realize that it is different from the previous one, since it can never be the same; make sure the IP goes within the same network. How? When verifying that the last numbers are separated by periods, since if they are not, a good connection will not be possible.

A router at home


You just have to have the PLC. The steps are basically the same as we provided above, you must enter the router configuration, and then you will have to activate DHCP in one and deactivate it in the other. In this way it will behave as a signal amplifier. For this they must not have the same IP address.


You should have a wired connection complying the steps of the first method, in this way you will ensure you have a good connection without cables. To make sure everything works properly:

  • You should turn off both routers and turn them back on. (Spending a minute since we turned it off).
  • Connect both router to pc

If no error message appears on your pc is that you have connected everything correctly. And you can now enjoy the internet via Wi-Fi or cable, it’s very simple. Amplify your internet, we hope that the steps provided are very useful. Comment below and share with other people so that they also benefit.

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