How to Connect Ubuntu to Windows Network with a Crossover Cable Easily (Example)

The transfer of information is an indispensable task for activities that involve the sharing of data between traditional users, administrators or staff of technical support.

There are several reasons why some users need to carry out some type of information transfer, which is usually very heavy between two local computers and likewise the transmission speed through WIFI can be slow.

In order to solve this problem, it is possible that we find ourselves with various tasks, with which we can make this a much simpler, safer and more practical task, since it involves the connection between two computers in a local network by means of Ethernet.

Which will allow to start a stable and reliable connection, for which, however, it is necessary to have some kind of prior knowledge for this communication between teams to be optimal. Next, it will be explained in a practical way how this connectivity can be carried out to establish the local data transfer network.

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The type of cable to use for the Ethernet connection

First of all, the type of cable that is ideal for it, is the crossover cable, which allows connecting the transmission signal from the transmitter to the PC, which will be the one indicated to receive the signal, this being the receiver of main information.

Now, this crossover cable is used to connect devices directly as is the case for two PCs that have Ubuntu and Windows respectively. In this way, you will use the crossover cable as a server to transmit data between computers at an acceptable speed and without interruptions.

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How should a correct connection be made?

After you have in mind the cable that will be used to make this Connection, you must proceed to connect the network cards of both computers to continue with the configuration.

Next we must use the equipment that has the Ubuntu system, which will act as the server; In this way, a manual configuration of the IP address of the equipment will be carried out so that both computers have the opportunity to communicate with each other.

Now, after connecting both computers through the crossover cable, the configuration will be carried out so that you can start the data transmission, from the Ubuntu system:

  • Press the keys “CTRL + ALT + F1”To open the terminal on your computer desktop to start communication.
  • Type in the finish commands “sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up“And proceed to press the” Enter “key.
  • Then the system will ask you to enter a password to start and press “Enter” to continue with the configuration procedure.
  • After having executed the aforementioned processes, you will press the following keys “CTRL + ALT + F7”To return to the graphical interface and verify the connection.

So now, having the practical guide to establish connection with Ubuntu and perform the data transmission to Windows. Now we will discuss how to establish this same connection but with the variant that both PCs have Windows operating systems:

  • Head to the tray “Beginning” on the desktop and write in the search field the following “netcpl.cpl” and press “Enter”.
  • A window with the search result will be displayed with the following option “Local network connection” and now enter the “Properties” option of the device. In the pop-up window, locate the option “TCP / IP V4” and it will be directed to the “Properties” to continue with the configuration.
  • Now, in this option you will make the change of “IP” to establish connection by entering; in the field where named “IP Address”.
  • To conclude, go to the field “Subnet mask” which will be completed automatically and having all these steps carried out, click on “To accept” to start local network communication.

Recapping the steps mentioned above, it is easy to be able to make this type of local network connections with both operating systems to share data by following this step by step.

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