How to Consult, Search or Find Out if Someone is in Jail Detained by the Name of the Person

When we hear that we want to find out which person is in jail and in which jail, we can imagine that it will be like a re-counter-espionage mission. But the truth is that It is not a laborious task if you have the precise information.

There are several key ways that you can find out if an individual is deprived of liberty. You can find out if he is in jail or prison and in what specific retention center.

To carry out any search process you require the names of who you are looking for and here is no exception. If you know the person’s name, there are ways online that you can find out exactly where the inmate is.

What data do I need? Is the full name necessary?

If the one you are looking for is a close acquaintance or a relative, it will be easy for you to locate them if you know personal data. Knowing the full name is absolutely necessary to carry out an efficient and fast search. However, if you only know or search with the person’s first name and their first surname, it can become somewhat complicated.

This is even more so if the person you are looking for has a very common name, or both a super common name and surname in the style of Juan Pérez, or José González.

prison cell

Knowing some aliases to complement the search can be useful. On the other hand, if the only thing you know is the alias, ironically it will be much more complicated. In these cases, it is good to know other information such as your date of birth, the name of a relative or the address where you live. In any case, you can also describe it physically. If you have a much better photo.

How can I search online? – Search mode according to country

This method is only effective if you are sure that the person searching has already been transferred to a prison. If the incarcerated person has already served more than one year since you found out, it is most likely that they have already been transferred to a prison. And it is that this is the protocol that it does with the inmates, since a prison is where they are detained for a place of less than one year and without having been prosecuted.

In this way, you can narrow the search in prisons. This will be much easier since many prisons have their website and a search engine where you can consult for an inmate. This may vary by country. In the case of the United States, there are websites for federal and state prisons they have their seeker.

In Latin America, many prison centers and institutions also have these pages. In Colombia there is the INCEP page which is the country’s penitentiary institution. Within it, you can search its engine for inmates by providing the information you have about them, narrowing your search.

In the case of Argentina, there is the RUD for Buenos Aires. This page collects the information of the detainees of that city.

Equally, in Mexico there is the SCD System for the Consultation of Detainees. This is a page that also allows you to search for inmates. It is important to mention that in not all countries this is easy, since many take care of citizens’ information and data more strictly. Search about penitentiary institutions in your country and check if they have a website and if this page offers you a search engine.

How to search without the help of the internet

If you could not find a search engine to find the inmate in your country or area, you can try the normal methods without internet. Contact the departmental jail or the court clerk. By speaking to someone in charge directly, they could provide you with the location of your inmate.

Check and write down the number that comes on the web pages of the prisons where you think it may be. You will need the full and precise name again and it all depends if they let you provide the information.

prison security camera

In local detention centers that have a website, they may not have a search engine. Nevertheless, look for the phone number in the contact section and give them a call. Look up local jail numbers in the phone book if they don’t have a website.

Another option is that, if you know which officer or which police station made the arrest, go there and make an appointment to see if they can give you the whereabouts of your inmate. You need to be persistent and patient Because these processes can take days, but don’t give up.

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