How to Consult the Free Truthful Report with my CUIT or CUIL Number

For every citizen it is important to keep a list of their financial obligations. Did you know that there is an easy and fast method online to view your account statements? Today we will teach you how to consult the free VERAZ report with your CUIT or CUIL number.


The CUIT or CUIL is the acronym to designate the Unique Key of Tax Identification, or the Unique Code of Labor Identification. In Argentina this is the number assigned to every worker when their employment relationship begins.

How can you get your CUIT or CUIL number?

If you are an Argentine citizen and want to obtain a VERAZ report totally free, to comfortably consult your credit status or financial history of the last 24 months, you will only need your digital ID and your CUIT or CUIL number.

For citizens who have misplaced their DNIThey can access the website: and in the Digital Registration section they can obtain it by entering some very simple data. But if you need to get the CUIT or CUIL number for the first time, then:

Request your CUIT or CUIL number online

  • Go to the website. You can do this from your own computer or mobile device, using any browser such as Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.
  • When you access the main page, in the section Take out your CUIL or CUIT Now with your DNI, the system will ask you: your DNI, indicate your gender and then click on the button Find out CUIL or CUIT.
  • On the next page the system will automatically show you the number CUIT or CUIL that corresponds to you.

Print your CUIT or CUIL certificate (Optional)

  • Go to section CUIL certificate.
  • The system will ask you for the following information: Number of documents, Names, Surnames, Sex, Date of birth, Security code (random).
  • Finally click on the button Consult.
  • On the next screen you can click on the button Download certificate, this would be if you need to print your proof of CUIT or CUIL number.

How to check your free VERAZ report with your CUIT or CUIL number?

The website of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic

Check if you are registered in the VERAZ online

  • To do this, you must enter the main website of the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina.
  • It can consult for free once every 6 months.
  • Once you have your CUIT or CUIL number at hand, request your VERAZ report by phone, as indicated below.

Request your VERAZ report by phone

  • You can call 5252-4800, between the hours of 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Then, you must carefully follow the instructions of the automatic operator, as you must answer some questions to confirm your identity.
  • The system will ask if you are the headline, if so, press Option 1.
  • Otherwise, check Option 2, if you request the report to a third.
  • The operator will ask if the information is for a individual person or company, there select option 1.
  • Select your sex, being Option 1 if you are a Man and Option 2 if you are a Woman, then press the # key.
  • Now, press your DNI number.

A hands holding an analog phone

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  • The system will ask 3 personal questions or questions about bank details, in order to validate your identity. These questions could be personal or financial.
  • Then they will ask you if you want to assert your right of access and obtain your credit report. If your answer is yes, press 1.
  • They will then assign you a PIN or numeric code, with this you can access your VERAZ report. You can also request that it be sent to you via SMS.
  • To finish, go to the following Equifax link. There fill in your data with the PIN or code you received.

Exercise your right to the VERAZ report

  • Enter the VERAZ home page.
  • Enter basic information such as DNI, Email and PIN, which is the same number that was indicated to you by phone.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the service.
  • Finally click on the button Send.

As you see consult the free VERAZ report with your CUIT or CUIL number it is a very easy process. If you do it in a timely manner, you will avoid financial setbacks or fall into a situation of irreparable insolvency.

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