How to Consult, Verify and Know the Civil Status of a Person Online – Easy and Fast

A person’s marital status represents how he or she is with respect to their emotional situation, if you have a partner, are married, divorced or have become a widower, in a legal scheme where it can be verified that de facto, that person is as reflected in said state.

For different reasons beyond the capacity of our judgment, there are people who want know or find out the marital status of others, and they look for the means to do it. If you want to know what the marital status of a person is, this article is of interest to you.

What is a person’s marital status and who defines it?

In the identification card, or also known as ID Card in the United States, there is very important information about any person, which identifies them as a citizen of that country, in addition to indicating the date of birth, the name and even the marital status.

The marital status of a person is the current situation in which he is or was sentimentally linked with someone else and decided, in fact, to make that bond a document that would legalize them as a couple or spouse.

What this document dictates is capable of changing a person’s marital status, and that is important to know when doing legal procedures of any kind. In this sense, the marital status becomes with a requirement to know for many legal and legal situations and can create many problems if you do not know exactly the current situation of that person.

document to check a person's marital status of divorce

The governing body or administrative institution in charge of executing these procedures is the Civil registration; In this you can process everything from a birth certificate, whether online or not, to the registration of a marriage or divorce, where you can make the decision to join or separate a legally married couple.

What are the variants of a person’s marital status?

In the variety of sentimental or love situations in which people linked to others can find themselves, there are four main types of marital status of a citizen, of a legalized individual.

Although it is similar to putting a romantic relationship in the Facebook bio, the civil registry comprises a much more serious process and its role in the administration of these matters is of Vital importance.

A person can be anywhere in a relationship, even not knowing specifically where they are, but that does not matter to the legal entity in charge of registering them. The civil registry only will register all four variants, which we will name, based on the decisions made, to establish the marital status of a person.

These variants are: being single, when you have not yet married; be married, when they decide get married for the record; divorced, when legal separation is accepted; and finally, being a widower or widower, where the love relationship has physically ended due to the death of a member of the couple, a procedure that is executed with a death certificate.

How to consult, verify and know the marital status of a person online?

This is a legal matter that can bring serious legal and criminal implications, because something is being done, to a certain extent, improper by law. However, this escapes the hands of many governing bodies of these issues, and that is that things almost impossible to believe can be done on the internet.

person consulted by internet from his laptop the marital status of a person

In this way, you can not only know the marital status of a person online, easily and quickly, but you can also find out many more things related to the private information of a user, for example, from social networks. This happens because the data is filtered through the internet and the control of this process is difficult.

Online, it is possible to search the personal data of a third party with only the RUT, and also know their marital status. You only need a small registration in the online platform of the civil registry and, from here, make a query using only the identification number, and on the screen The information you want to obtain will appear: will show the marital status.

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