How to contact Jazztel customer service?

Jazztel is one of those companies that, overnight, became well known thanks to television commercials where some famous people promoted their services. Who has never seen one of these promotional items? Surely yes, you have seen it too. Today it is one of those strong operators to which millions of customers subscribe. However, this time we would like to tell you about your service Customer Support.

If you want contact Jazztel you have several methods and in this article we would like to show you all. Take note if you want to contact Jazztel customer service. You can contact by phone, in the Customer Service area or through the Jazztel app.

What is the Jazztel customer service telephone number?


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It is very important, from the point of view of a user, that the company has good customer service. We have all ever had some kind of problem with the services of our operator and that this make us wait for hours or that he is not able to solve the problem in a short period of time is exasperating. The most used number to call Jazztel Customer Service is 1565 but in this Tecmoviles article you can find the contact numbers. You will have all the company numbers for each particular case.

Your customer service area also allows you to contact them

Through the official website of the company you can also contact them. You only have to put your credentials and enter through the «Customer Area». If you use your access codes you will be able to carry out a lot of procedures. It is highly recommended to do the procedures in this way since we will ensure a shorter wait and the possibility of fixing everything visually and with great security.

The Jazztel application, another way to control everything that happens on your line or services

If you have a Jazztel contract, you can also use the company’s app to manage everything that includes the services you have contracted. The new Jazztel app allows you to manage your consumption, lines, download bills, check your Internet connection, change the WiFi password, hire new services, etc.

And now your turn has come, have you contacted Jazztel lately? What do you think of their customer service? We would like to know your opinion, you know that there is nothing like knowing first-hand how companies treat customers. Jazztel is not one of the most problematic but we all know that it always there are particular cases that go far beyond the norm.


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