How to Contact or Call Mercado Libre – Mercado Libre Customer Service

The possibility of acquiring a good or service through the internet is already something that can be done easily todayThanks to the great diversity of existing web pages that are used to buy and sell products on the internet, we can buy or sell a product without any problem.

The issue of using these means is that not all pages are reliable, and it is important to have some knowledge to know if an online web page is safe, however there are pages that are very reliable and according to most people are effective for this purpose. , as in the case of Free market.

What is Mercado Libre?

There are pages known worldwide as Amazon, or Alibaba, but Mercado Libre may be the best option if you are in Latin America, Mercado Libre is a website platform that works for the purchase and sale of products and services offered by users within it.

The company was developed in Argentina which currently has operations in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, among others, and obviously in Argentina, the latter being the location of its headquarters.

buying and selling on the website

Within this platform, people have the possibility to sell and buy products, whether new or used, at the price they want, in addition, the platform has a service in which you can carry out your payment transactions for buyers, and payments for sellers. named as MercadoPago.

If you are a person who does not have knowledge about how to buy products in Mercado Libre, or in the case of being a seller, you do not know how to sell your products in Mercado Libre, keep in mind that it is an action really easy to do, since when entering its page you can simply search for the product you need in the search bar, or in the case of wanting to sell a product by accessing the sale options.

If you have any doubts about the performance of any action, or if an inconvenience occurs with the platform, Mercado Libre provides you with a way to contact Customer Support found within the same platform.

There are several ways to contact the platform, so you can solve the inconvenience you need, or even the Mercado Libre system has a series of solutions to frequently asked questions about situations that have happened.

phone number

To do this, you must enter the Mercado Libre help center directly or if you wish to contact them directly through other means, then we will give you the means offered by the platform to be able to communicate with it:

Mercado Libre customer service telephone numbers

The detail with this option is that their telephone numbers are not available in all countries, only for the following that we will show you below:


  • 4640-8000 (the telephone hours for this customer service number are from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)



  • +57 (1) 7053050
  • +57 (1) 2137609


  • +52 55 4973 7300
  • +52 55 1889 2277
  • 01 800 – 105 52 101
  • 01 800 – 105 52 108
  • 01 800 – 105 52 103
  • 01 800 – 105 52 100

You can contact this platform throught social media with which you have, such as Twitter, Facebook, and instagram with the Links that we will leave you below

Tax address for Mercado Libre customer service

To send a letter or document to Mercado libre, you can send it directly to the address of your offices using the following data

  • Business name: MERCADOLIBRE SRL
  • Fiscal Address: Av. Caseros 3039 Piso 2, (CP1264) Buenos Aires – Argentina
  • CUIT: 30-70308853-4

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