How to Contact Twitch Customer Care Support – Twitch Contact Support

The Twitch platform is characterized by guaranteeing a very safe and pleasant environment for its users, in addition, it guarantees that in the event of an inconvenience or concern, they can contact customer service support.

If for different reasons you want to contact Twitch customer service support, but you have no idea how to do it, do not be mortified, because today we will explain How to contact Twitch Customer Care support – Twitch contact support.

From your website

Go to the help website:, in the section Contact Support. In this section you are presented with a form that you must fill out in order to communicate your problem to the support team via email.

In this form you must first put your name, also username on Twitch and email address associated with Twitch. Also, there is an option titled “Category”, which when pressed opens a drop-down menu with a list of options for you to describe what your problem is related to on Twitch. The options that appear in the menu or drop-down list are:

  • Affiliates (must log in to Twitch)
  • Twitch apps, including desktop, mobile, Sings, and TV (Twitch must be logged in)
  • Partner (must be logged into Twitch)
  • Prime Gaming (must be logged into Twitch)
  • Post comments
  • Shopping
  • Account or login related issues
  • general

As you may have noticed, for some categories you must log into your Twitch account, but don’t worry, on the same page of the form there is a button that will allow you to log in. This is just below the bar where you entered your username on Twitch.

Now, after you specify the category of the problem, you have to specify the platform or operating system where the problem is occurring. For this, there is also a drop-down menu, with various options, which are:

twitch customer support

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Apple tv
  • LG TV
  • Android TV
  • Fire tv
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explore
  • IOS mobile
  • Android mobile
  • Others or unspecified

After this, there is a button that when pressed allows you to enter a attached file from your file explorer, in case this is necessary to better explain the problem you are having and wish to communicate to the technical support team.

Finally, you must click the checkbox I am not a robot, wait for it to load correctly and then click Send, so that your email is sent to Twitch customer support.

You can then wait patiently for your response to your email from the technical support team. Keep in mind that there are many people who write to this service, so the response time can be long.

From the social network Twitter

Twitch has an account on the social network Twitter, which is @TwitchSupport, which is intended to contact its users and serve them as technical support through said medium. You can create an account on Twitter if you don’t have it yet, look for the Twitch customer service account, follow them and through there communicate your problems or questions.

You can too see the problems or situations of other Twitch users and find out about reforms, improvements or adjustments that Twitch makes to its platform and that it usually communicates to its users through said Twitter account.

Solve your problems through the Twitch help site

If you have problems related to the services provided by Twitch or your account, you can consult the Twitch help website, and review the theme catalog, where it is explained and solves all kinds of problems. There, topics about Twitch rules, activating donations and other topics of interest to users and streamers are explained.

person press twitch app

The inconveniences that are answered from that help site are separated by categories, so that it is easier to locate the answers you are looking for and adequately solve any situation that arises on Twitch, with the advice given there.

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