How to Contact Wallapop? – Solve your Problems on the Customer Service Phone (Example)

Do you have a problem and don’t know how to contact Wallapop? In this post you will be able to explore the different ways or means to achieve it. Either because the application does not work, you cannot log in or it is impossible to perform other actions within the platform. You can always count on the developers’ means of contact, with which you will get the correct assistance for your problem.

Send an email to the official Wallapop address

There are ways that never change, and today more than ever, the use of email has taken on great relevance in solving app problems. Wallapop is no exception, therefore, you will achieve get a concise answer from developers in case you present eventualities on the page or the application.

That said, just write an email and detail the specifics of the problem, such as login failures or sell and buy. It also helps to attach an image, showing the elements that best define the situation, to orient yourself more precisely.

It is one of the best ways to contact Wallapop to solve any doubt or problem, and it always gives excellent results. Above all, for those who use email for everything.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of social networks, you can always try to contact Wallapop technical service through any of their accounts. That is, you can send a private message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

official page facebook wallapop

Each of these accounts are managed by platform personnel, who will be trained to answer any of your questions. They can also instruct you during any eventuality that you may experience on the platform or mobile application.

Now, if your problem is related to the buying or selling process, you can contact support from there. What you should do to remedy it is to log in from the application on your mobile and if you do not have it you can easily download and install it.

In this way, if you have had any kind of problem, the platform will show you how to contact Wallapop by means of a notification. If, for example, you have an eventuality with the shipment of the package, from this same notice you can select the option “Contact now”.

By clicking on it, a box will appear before you with several fields to fill in to process the request. In her, you must put the reason why you are looking for technical support, where, in addition, your username and the email linked to the profile will appear.

Then, clicking on “Send” will automatically open a new conversation in Wallapop, from where you will receive news of your claim. If the message was sent properly, a message will appear in the same chat. notification that the text has been received correctly.

chat technical support wallapop

In this case, you just have to wait for the message to be read and verified, which is usually done shortly. From here you will only have to follow the steps and directions of the team to solve your problem.

On the other hand, you can also find the technical service of the platform and in a much more direct way. In other words, one way of how to contact Wallapop and solve your problems live, is through their contact telephone number.

But, you should always be careful with the number of you get on the web, since there are many people who seek to deceive by supplying a fake one. Therefore, it is recommended, always ask through social networks or mail by an official contact.

It does not have any type of proprietary nature, since the said number is designed to receive complaints about problems related to Wallapop. It is a team that will gladly assist you in any situation.

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