How to Contact WhatsApp Customer Service or Support by Mail From the App

WhatsApp is the application of instant messaging most popular and used all over the world. However, that does not mean that they are exempt from failing. How to contact WhatsApp customer service or support by mail from the App is essential.

It is one of the most effective ways of dealing with and solving problems in terms of the messaging system. This article gives you all the information you need to solve any problem in record time.

WhatsApp and its history

WhatsApp Messenger was launched in May 2009. Designed by the Ukrainian Jan Koum, this application was originally going to be a smart phonebook. The purpose of this smart schedule was to know what each contact was doing. In this way, the availability of the person to establish a chat was known.

Yes, the agenda did not implement any message. You simply knew the person’s availability through their status. The talk was handled through other means or channels (SMS, MSN, etc.)

whatsapp screen phone

It was available only for BlackBerry and iPhone devices. Starting in 2010, its scope expanded to Android devices. Currently, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and it is the second application with the most users in the world, it has more than two billion!

Why use it?

In addition to the large number of users it currently has, it is important to note that WhatsApp was not a simple smart agenda. Little by little he was implementing more and more tools. Sending Word documents, PDFs, and other files is just one of its most prominent features. You also have the possibility to recover deleted photos in an extremely simple way.

It is impossible to forget the security parameters established by WhatsApp for each user. It is a highly customizable application. So it is even possible to configure the privacy of my profile.

But like any other application, WhatsApp can have certain flaws in terms of connectivity, functions and tools. And that is where it is essential to know in what way contact WhatsApp customer service or support.

If you can’t send or receive messages or can’t play audios or voice memos on WhatsApp, it’s time to contact customer service or support. Doing so is really simple, and here you have some recommendations for it.

Solve with your Smartphone

Regardless of the operating system your Smartphone uses. If your phone has problems with WhatsApp, you should contact WhatsApp support or customer service. How? Make it easy as follows:

  1. Access the application.
  2. Locate the icon of the three dots that is in the upper right part of your screen.
  3. Enter the “Settings” section.
  4. Scroll and enter the “Help” menu.
  5. Use “Contact us” to report your problem through a form. In this form, in addition to the description of the problem, you can add screenshots.
  6. WhatsApp will show you a series of “Frequently Asked Questions” to solve your problem. If none of them do, select “I don’t see my answer.”
  7. This will cause the email application to run. A) Yes you will contact WhatsApp to report your problem. Provide all the data and information possible.

help whatsapp customer service

Direct contact via email

If you are unable to use your cell phone to contact WhatsApp support or customer service, don’t worry! Since there is an extra alternative to report the problem presented by the application.

You simply have to enter your email and write a message to the address of [email protected]. Provide all the information and multimedia content to describe your situation.

You already know how to do it!

As you can see, contacting WhatsApp customer service or support is extremely simple. You can report your situation comfortably from your smartphone.

However, you can also do it directly from your computer via email. Everything will be solved easily, as long as you make a very detailed report.

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