How to contract StarzPlay and what is the price of your subscription

If you want to access a wide catalog of streaming content, StarzPlay can be your best alternative if you want a good price-quality ratio. For this reason, we invite you to read this article with which you will learn How to contract StarzPlay and what price is your subscription.

What is StarzPlay?

StarzPlay is a platform created in 2019 which provides streaming content under the North American channel Starz. StarzPlay is considered a good alternative to options like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. The service includes the transmission of exclusive productions, of other studios and also of international channels.

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StarzPlay is compatible with multiple devicesIt has affordable prices and a wide catalog that adds more value compared to its competitors. It is important to mention that the series that are transmitted are produced by Lionsgate television and the Starz company itself. In addition, it is possible to watch series from other production companies such as All3 Media, Sony Television. Hullu, among others.

How does StarzPlay work?

StarzPlay works by means of a subscription to be done with the Starz Play app on Apple TV or through the StarzPlay website. The user who wishes to use this service must register and once he has subscribed he will be able to enjoy 7 days of access to the catalog for free.

If the user is not satisfied, they can cancel the subscription just one day before the end of the trial period, as happens when canceling the Netflix subscription. StarzPlay allows the connection of up to four devices and to do this it is essential to download the application from the StarzPlay platform.

How to contract StarzPlay and what price is your subscription

StarzPlay is an interesting and accessible option for users who want to access a wide list of streaming content. For this reason, we show you the procedure that you must follow if you wish hire StarzPlay and the prices stipulated by the platform according to the subscription.

Hire StarzPlay

To contract StarzPlay it is essential to subscribe to this platform by installing the StarzPlay App. This application is available for Android and iOS. As you can create an account on Netflix, you can also create a free account to enjoy StarzPlay for a week before making the paid subscription.

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What is the price of a subscription on StarzPlay

The price of a subscription on StarzPlay is 4.99 EUR per month. Once the subscription is made, the user can connect a maximum of four devices and the download movies and series No internet connection.

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Vodafone TV users must pay 4 EUR extra per month with unlimited service. In the case of Orange customers, the fiber rate added to Mobile Orange must be chosen. For unlimited data the subscription price will be 32.48 EUR and for limited data the price is 22.98 EUR.

What devices are compatible with StarzPlay?

StarzPlay-compatible devices include Vodafone TV, Orange TV, and Apple TV. It is also possible connect mobile devices Android, iPhone, iPad and Smart TVs of the Samsung brand. You can even use the Smartphone as a remote control for the Smart TV.

Is it worth subscribing to StarzPlay?

StarzPlay can be very interesting for users in Europe, as the platform has expanded significantly on this continent. However, Starz Entertainment has also expanded the service to Latin America. One aspect that attracts users is the price of the subscription and the unlimited access to the catalog of movies and series.

Plus, StarzPlay makes it easy to use multiple devices and download content. These two aspects are essential for many users as well as the availability of configuring each device independently.

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