How to Control and Deactivate the Alarm in my Business or Home When It is Accidentally Activated

Security is a very relevant aspect today, either for prevent theft in places such as home, business, among others, or to avoid accidents due to faults at home (fires, electrical failures), control access to certain places. In general, all these aspects are usually monitored or controlled by devices of different natures such as alarm systems.

Likewise, it is important to note that there are various alarm systems (Against fire, access control, surveillance, among others) and for this various systems and applications are used according to the service provider. However, in each and every one of these systems, you can manipulate the sensors and actuators according to your needs. So in this post we will show you how to control and deactivate the alarm in your business or home when it is accidentally activated.

classic system fire detector

Alarm system control according to its nature

The Alarm systems are classified into several typesIn this post we will name you the best known, among them you have those assisted by App for home automation execution; In addition, you will have the classic systems controlled by localized panels and remote control. In either case, it will be useful to know that you need an intermediate element to control the activation and deactivation of the alarms in your home or business.

In the case of the newer devices, the majority obey designs oriented to home automation control. At this point you can access information related to the concept and function of home automation as a branch of electronics to better understand the term. What’s more, these devices usually work on various software control or management of equipment related to the protection of the home or business.

In this sense, you will be able to access these new equipment as a source of security for your home or premises, depending on the needs you have; since they not only work to provide access control which is a very important element, but it will also allow you, among other things monitor the states of the sensors that provide information on the presence of fire, smoke, intruders, among others.

Some of the most used devices to carry out this task are the Sonoff Basic, surely it will be useful to know how to install and configure the Sonoff for alarm handling. In this sense, you should know that you will need a Smartphone to control your equipment. On the other hand, you will have the equipment such as fire alarm centers that are commonly managed by remote control.

wireless home security system

How to deactivate the alarm in case of accidental activation

In the case of new devices, software such as Google Home is usually used to control the equipment, so you must access from your smartphone to deactivate the alarm in case of accidental activation; However, if you have a Sonoff Basic device as hardware to power your alarm, you can restart directly on the equipment panel. This, despite being an example, applies to many of the equipment that are currently available on the market to fulfill alarm tasks.

On the other hand, you will find older devices such as fire control panels, or remote control security systems. In these cases, the deactivation of the alarm must be done through the remote control. However, you will find cases in which for reasons of low battery, either in the control or the alarm itself, they lose the ability to carry out the command on these equipment and it is necessary to restart or replace the battery.

In any case, you should always try to remotely deactivate the alarms (Via remote control, Smartphone) and if this does not take effect, you will have the option of local deactivation (On the device) by means of a reset button or replacing the batteries in case of be necessary. You will also find alarm equipment on the market that you can set to disable via text messages defaults with keywords.

Finally, if you want to complement the information provided, you can visit the official Google Home Assistant page where you will see how to make settings using this control software for home automation equipment, where you could perfectly link your alarms.

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