How to Control and Prevent Apps from Accessing My Microphone in Windows 10

Users of personal computers have always been concerned about a fundamental aspect, when they want to enter the network and it is none other than the privacy of their data.

And it is that the slightest suspicion that you can have access to any hardware of my computer such as the microphone, is worrying. It is for this reason that in the following article we will teach you how to control and prevent Apps from accessing my microphone in Windows 10.

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PC operating systems like Windows 10 use a feature known as telemetry which is responsible for collecting the largest amount of user data. This with the main objective of offering its user an improved experience in the future. Of course, the way the data is collected is done anonymously.

Is that Microsoft has had serious problems in recent years due to leakage of information from Windows 10 users. Perhaps motivated by this situation they are implementing new functions to indicate when an App is accessing the microphone.

For this reason, we are going to teach you what to do to control and prevent Apps from accessing my microphone in Windows 10.

How to control and prevent Apps from accessing my microphone in Windows 10

Perform controls, activate or eliminate certain functions in Windows 10 it is possible to do it if we have the necessary knowledge. And when they are obtained they are easy to apply, as in the case of deleting hard-to-delete locked folders or files. In this sense, we will focus on this problem that, even if you don’t believe it, is worrying.

It is that the microphone is a device like the video camera that is generally found in personal computers. They are constantly in operation and we are not aware of this. For this reason we must always know which devices are active to be able to control them.

Then it is necessary for the user to know which App that is installed on our PC that works with Windows 10 operating system. They have access to the microphone, in order to later be able to give permission or not to use it. In this way we will be monitoring the use of this device.

According to the latest versions you have installed Windows 10, it is possible to see the microphone icon in the task bar, when it is used by an application. To know which App is using this device, you just have to move the cursor over this icon and it will immediately show you the information, so you will know who is using it.

But it is possible that it is being used by several App, so to see a list of them just position yourself on the icon and you must right click. In this list you can see the Apps that can do use of microphone and the ones they are using at the moment. But what happens, if you notice, not all installed apps ask for permission to use the microphone.

Control App to have access to the microphone

This is a very simple operation, what we are going to do is go to the Windows startup and we are going to write in the search field microphone. Now in this window we are going to look for the option Microphone privacy settings. Now we will be in another window and in it we can see the option Allow access to the microphone on this device.

And Allow applications to access the microphone, both are enabled by default. Then from there you can deactivate this option and not allow any App to have access to the microphone. Also if you want you can give permission individually to each App this configuration depends entirely on your reasoning.

windows security and applications

It is important that you keep an eye on this aspect of your Privacy & Security since you can be a victim of espionage through these devices.

Your permanent surveillance of the permissions that you have the applications to use any device depends exclusively on you. And so we finish this article that I show you how to control and prevent Apps from accessing my microphone in Windows 10.

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