How to Control my Roku TV with my voice through Alexa? (Example)

Of course how could you not want control Roku TV with Alexa? The possibilities offered by the new televisions are designed for your comfort and are updated every day to adapt to the new requirements of the population.

But if you don’t know what your Roku TV offers you now or how connect it with Alexa, you’re lucky. Here you will find everything you need to know and even why you should buy one of these devices if you still do not have them, since alexa gives its users many options such as turning your Android device into a Smart Home and being able to control any corner of your home using voice commands.

The Roku TV

Smart TVs are now in fashion and there are many manufacturers that offer different models. From Samsung to Amazon, the options are wide and varied, and the quality only grows by the day.

However, many of these devices tend to be somewhat expensive and this is where Roku appears as an interesting alternative. Since 2002, it has been offering its users different benefits typical of a Smart TV without having to acquire one.

Thanks to its different devices, it is possible to connect to the network and access everything that it offers you, be it Facebook or Netflix. Using your current television, although its largest market is in the United States, many are those who have enjoyed this service, the company continues to grow and goes for more.

That is why they launch their own smart TV, the Roku TV. It incorporates all the benefits of previous devices and builds on their track record. Now even you can control Roku TV using voice commands and all Alexa Skills.

alexa roku device purple letters

Another of the great advantages of the Roku TV is its excellent value for money. This fact makes it one of the most attractive options for all types of audiences.

How to control Roku TV with Alexa?

How could it be otherwise, Roku has also decided to join alexamania. In this way, using the Amazon assistant: Alexa, you can control your Roku TV using smart voice commands, which increases its comfort and versatility. This will allow you to advance in the conformation of your own smart home, so follow these simple steps and you will be able to control Roku TV with Alexa

Step One: Install Roku TV

To do this, you just have to connect your new smart TV to a power source and an internet connection following the manufacturer’s instructions or factory reset an already used device. You should make sure you have version 9.3 or higher of Roku OS, your operating system.

Step Two: Connect Echo

After all, to communicate by voice with your device, you will need to be heard. In this sense, you must connect one of the Amazon Echo models and follow the installation instructions.

Step Three: Download the Skill

This is the way in which Alexa manages the software from different providers. In this case, you must go to the “Settings” menu of the Alexa application on your Smartphone.

roku alexa mobile device

Once there, you must select the option “TV and video” and later “Roku”. Now you just have to activate the skill and with it the corresponding drivers will be installed in your operating system.

Step Four: Link your account

It will ask for your Roku account information, which you must enter. You must create this account once you first purchase a Roku device and it will allow you to manage its services.

Step Five: Select Devices

That is, define with which Echo device you are going to control Roku TV with Alexa and which Roku Tv are you going to control with this one. This is important because if you have several devices you can configure groups and routines. With this you will also control from which rooms in your home the Roku TV can be controlled.

Step Six: Speak

At this point and after all the dialog boxes, you can communicate with your TV using Alexa voice commands. You can search for series and movies or start specific channels, but little by little more functions will be incorporated.

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