How to Control the Battery Level of my Android Wear Smartwatch? See How It’s Done

Controlling the battery level of the Smartwatch may seem complicated for some, others on the other hand, usually have an idea of ​​it. The truth is that very few know those functions that cause the device to discharge in a hurry, and you have to resort to connecting it more than necessary.

Therefore, there are ways to monitor battery rate so that it can last a little longer than usual, applying some configurations within the user’s reach.

By monitoring the battery index of your Smartwatch you will be able to know how much battery your smartwatch uses doing normal tasks or using applications such as YouTube from Smartwatch.

How do I monitor the performance or battery level of the Smartwatch?

Each model or brand of these devices must have an application that links them to the mobile, with it, different changes can be made and other things supervised. In this case, you will use the application developed by Google called “Wear OS”, with it you will be able to link the Smartwatch and monitor the battery level.

To do this, you must enter the application and go to the section “Settings“, Then in “Advanced settingss “and finally in”Watch battery”. In this way, you will be able to monitor both the battery level of the Smartwatch, as well as any application that is wasting the power of your device.

With the Wear OS application, you can update your Smartwatch to its latest version.

Tricks to control and save the battery level

Once you know the energy discharge status of the item, you can proceed to perform certain adjustments or changes that will help you preserve their livelihood.

Try not to always have the screen on

One of the most energy-consuming features of devices is the brightness and use that is given to the screen, as well as the time it remains active.

smartwatch watches

You can turn it on in two ways and these are by shaking your wrist or by pressing the action button on your watch, but there is a way to change this.

To do this you must enter the settings section of the Smartwatch. To achieve this, you just have to slide your finger from top to bottom until you find the icon. Then, you press on it, and select the screen option, and then locate the setting that says “Keep screen always on”And disable it.

By performing this action, you will be able to obtain better control of the Smartwatch’s battery level consumption, thus gaining a few more minutes of charge.

Save some energy by turning off notifications

One of the advantages of having one of these devices is that it allows us to attend notifications remotely, without having to lift the mobile. But, at the same time, you can receive an unnecessary amount of notifications, which beyond being useful, the only thing they achieve is to download your Smartwatch ahead of time.

Fortunately, to avoid this, we can adjust the device settings to receive none or only essential notices from our networks. So, to accommodate this issue, you have to open the “Wear OS”Installed on your mobile, and enter the settings section.

There, you will proceed to select the option “Notifications“Where you will find a setting called”Block app notifications”Preventing any from reaching the Smartwatch.

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At the same time, it allows you to mark and unmark any app that, according to your consideration, should not send notifications to the device. If, on the other hand, there is no program in the list that you also want to block, you can click on “Add more”And choose the one you want to disable.

Many users have downloaded elements to be able to personalize their Smartwatch and make them more unique, among those elements are the different keyboards that you can download. These kinds of tools may also drain your phone’s battery if you have them activated.

Remove the spheres other than the official ones

Another way to control the battery level of the Smartwatch is by uninstalling those spheres that are not the official ones. That is, the one that offers you the same Wear OS app.

There are many applications in the Android store that allow you to customize the device icons, however, these may include errors that make the battery drain faster.

Therefore, it is recommended that you remove them and only use the many options offered by the official Smartwatch application.

The Smartwatch is the latest to hit the market and they have caused a sensation among users, because from your Smartwatch devices you have at your fingertips the ability to do multiple tasks such as taking screenshots.

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