How to Convert a Corel Draw File to CDR Format in Word Online

Many people spend their time to take photos. Be it to stimulate the memory to remember, to record our history, to go back in time, for when we are no longer with others they remind us of those moments.

We take photos because we want our moments to be forever. The moments with our family, friends, acquaintances and guests. We want to share what we can see with our eyes. And to make them more striking you can learn to make or create a frame in CorelDraw

However, with the technological changes that occur daily in the world, the modernization of the Photo camerasUntil the appearance of design programs, they made it possible for you to transform a simple photo into a special photo. Today it is possible to cut, divide and erase objects from an image using Corel DRAW.

The most important thing is not with which team you took the photo but creativity and passion the moment you take it.

The different programs or design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp 3D, Gimp, Picasa, Adobe Photoshop, Vector, Irfanview, Inkscape, Scribus, Corel Draw give you the opportunity to expand your vision and techniques when creating or manipulating an image or photo.

What is Corel Draw?

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It is a computer tool that allows you edit your images or photos graphically in an advanced way, concentrated in vector graphics, where you can make the transformation or alteration of images, pages, you can even remove the background of an image thanks to the different functions that Corel Draw offers you.

Corel Draw is an integral part of Corel Graphics created by Corel Corporation, pioneers in the creation and development of software. This tool was presented for the first time in 1989, its creators were Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne, computer engineers who worked in the company.

Corel Draw It gives you the pleasure of creating, transforming, producing, your images digitally, to do it in different jobs, be it advertising, industrial design, graphic design, editorial design, among others.

It is interesting that you know that anyone can use it, from an expert in this type of knowledge or for those who do not have it.

You can use it on your mobile or desktop device, even on tablets with graphics programs. In addition, it contains Corel Photo PaintTo improve your photos, topography elements, in short, a wide range of mechanisms that you can use.

In Corel Draw you will find the CDR format that is used for the purpose of making images or drawings with vector graphics, which are animated sequences or digital drawings. This format is compatible with many of the programs that allow you to edit images, but in case it is not compatible you can easily convert files with the CDR extension to EPS and AI

These vector graphics are based on mathematical values ​​with scales, since when making the images or modifying them, curves or lines are used. These vary according to the size of the image, you can modify or decompose it without pixelating it, as they preserve their quality.

Using Corel Draw has many advantages: it is useful when receiving files in office, you can find it in your own language, you can install it wherever you want and in the operating system you want, it keeps the transfer of your files in TIF. It’s fast, popular, and you can also share your documents or files wherever you are.

For example in Microsoft Office specifically in Windows with your document in Word you have the opportunity to invent, and open a content in CDR.

On Microsoft Office Word You can process texts by providing you as a user with the tools to create your documents in a professional and elegant way, saving time and at the same time obtaining excellent results.

How can you convert a Corel Draw CDR file to Word online?

Phone with Microsoft Office and background programs

When making or modifying your images in Corel Draw in the CDR format and you want to convert it into Word, then I will show you how to do it:

Step 1

“Choose” files from your computer in Dropbow, Google Drive “Upload them” in CDR and then “select” your URL or converter that you like the most.

Step 2

After converting your file, ” Choose” the output format that is compatible or your HTML, then opt for Word and “double click.

Step 3

If you have already converted your file then “download” it in HTML and be sure to save it on your office computer or mobile device.

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