How to Convert a DBF File to XLS Online Free (Example)

Do you need to open the DBF file? Here you will learn how to convert a DBF file to XLS on-line. And you can open it in Excel program. The entire process for free. But why convert it to xls and what are the advantages? We tell you everything.

DBase. It is a language used in programming. As the first database management program. It was launched on the market in 1979, and used for micro computers. Allowing the search for information by means of a key, instead of doing it by code sequences.

The Ashton-Tate company published it for the old CP / M operating system and later for other systems such as Apple Macintosh, Apple II, IBM PC among others, becoming the best-selling software for some time. Although it switched to a graphical interface, it was displaced by Clipper, Paradox, and FoxPro.

The Ashton-Tate Company, grants licenses to users for a period of 15 years. In order to compete with its rival, which allowed several users to use the same database.

In 1991 dBASE was sold to another company called Borlan. And it released the fifth version, but it did not transcend and sold the rights to its products to the company Dbase, LLC. It continues to release new versions since that date, under the name dBASE Plus.

Where do DBF files come from?

DBF is a file extension, which originally comes from one of the first programs to manage access, storage, modification, and extraction of data, called dBase.

display with program codes

DBF files have been used in other types of systems Database Management (DBMS), such as Clipper, FoxPro, C1, Delphi, Microsoft Access, Oracle; also those of the Visual Studio package (Visual dBase, Visual FoxPro, Visual Objects), among others.

What is an XLS file?

It is an Excel extension file, which, in turn, belongs to Microsoft Office, to create spreadsheets that have information that includes calculations, graphics, macros and tables; also used in Visual Basic or programming language.

It is from the year 2007, when this extension modifies its name from XLS to XLSX; this last X, refers to Extensible Markup Language or XML, which is the acronym in English, and which has been a way of encoding documents.

What is the purpose of converting a DBF file to XLS?

Basically the purpose of turn into DBF files to XLS, is to migrate the data contained in DBF files to other different database management programs, using XLS files as a bridge. This file extension allows easy reading of the content, these databases can be exported to Excel with.

In this way, we can import the data in XLS in handlers Database such as SQL Server, MySQL or MariaDB, thus opening up new possibilities for the realization of both desktop, web, or mobile applications; in addition to being a backup of the original data of the DBF files.

convert a dbf xls file with any conv

How to convert a DBF file to XLS online for free?

Fortunately, if you can convert a DBF file to XLS online and for free, both for mobile phones and computers, without having to install software; for this, there are several pages to convert files without programs, but in this case we are going to work with anyconv.

The first step is to enter the page. Then we upload the DBF file by clicking on “Choose file” to select it and that is not greater than 50 Mb.

Then we press click “Convert”, passing files from DBF to XLS. Once the conversion is complete, you download the XLS file, which is the final result.

Finally, we can see that the conversion procedure is practically carried out in seconds, quickly and safely Well, nobody had any access to your files; We have also mentioned that this conversion acts as an important bridge to import the data contained in the Excel tables.

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