How to Convert a DWF File to AutoCad Online DWG Format for Free (Example)

Most of the time it is necessary to convert a new AutoCAD file, because it is important ensure readability and compatibility with other devices, at the time of presenting the project that is being carried out. Like why you’re here: converting a DWF file into AutoCAD DWG format.

Like any other program that is related to the design or creation of files, they are stored in the main memory of the computer through a format, which is responsible for defining the aforementioned compatibility.

Converters are used regularly, in order to transform those files that present problems within another computer.

At present, the Internet has an indefinite number of sites that allow this work to be carried out online, whose services are totally free and completed in a short period of time.

Within these sites, there are also some for extensions of AutoCAD, in order to facilitate the work of those who design plans or drawings within its platform. For better compatibility between file formats and extensions, install the latest version of AutoCAD.

Since the number is very varied, in this space you will learn about those who are most popular and efficient to achieve this task.

AnyConv: A site intended to convert an AutoCAD file to any extension

This is one of the main pages that can help you to convert a DWF extension file to DWG. In order that it can be used comfortably within any version of AutoCAD that a computer has.

convert an AutoCAD file to any extension

The procedure can be completed free of charge, and it only takes a few seconds to wait (depending on the Internet connection) to be able to acquire the file in its new format.

AnyConv is a website that displays the prompts of conversion within the same site, so that the user does not complicate the procedure:

To start converting an AutoCAD file, you will need to drag it onto the page. Or in this case, simply left click on the “Choose file” button. Said document must not exceed a weight of 50 MB, as it is the limit established by the site.

After having attached the file, click on “Convert” to start the process, which after a few seconds will automatically download it with DWG as its new extension.

Is it possible to convert an AutoCAD file to DWG through this program?

The answer is no. AutoCAD is a program that does not have an option to change the format to DWG of any file. Which is why many users opt for online converters in order to complete this task.

This is because the extensions that the program handles are not designed to exchange files created within itself. Therefore, it is also not possible to change or restore it as a standard drawing similar to that of other programs.

However, the format DWG is the default for AutoCAD. So if you save the file to convert as if it were designed within the program, you will be able to obtain the extension.

Steps to take

The instructions are recognized by those who use the software frequently. Well, it is only necessary to start a new drawing and attach the DWF file through the command “DWFATTACH”.

convert an AutoCAD file to DWG

Upon completing your edits, you choose to export the file in PDF format, and then create a new drawing. Where you should import the file with the command “PDFIMPORT”.

Once the process is finished, you must save the document in the usual way that is done within the program. So that it is stored with the extension of DWG, thus managing to convert an AutoCAD file successfully. Now you know how to convert a DWF file to DWG format without problems.

Differences between DWF and DWG formats

The DWF extension was created to store second and third dimensional drawings, independent of design resolutions. It takes care of compressing files and storing design information, text, and graphics.

On the other hand, DWG is the default extension of the program, which creates a binary file that stores design data and metadata, either in second or third dimension.

Since it is the most common format within the design area, it turns out to convert a non-DWG AutoCAD file. Well, this way you will ensure work efficiency and reading comfort.

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